8 Signs You're A Lazy Mom (But That's Actually Not A Bad Thing)

Full disclosure: I am a firm believer in laziness. Not, you know, to the point of indifference or total carelessness and, obviously, It's not like I sit on my couch all day watching reality shows while my kids tear the house apart. Contrary to popular, outdated belief, being a lazy mom can (for the most part) be less about neglect and more about self-preservation (which every mother needs to practice on the regular).

Being a lazy mom is about forgiving yourself for not being perfect. There are times when you can and should just let things slide, if only to maintain your health and wellness and sanity. No one is going to get mad at you for not putting away the kids' toys after they've gone to sleep or letting the dishes sit in the sink or ignoring that pile of laundry. No one is going to report you to the CSA for serving your kids Mac & Cheese once a week. And no one is going to judge you for letting your kids watch TV. If doing all of those things instead of attempting to live up to an impossible standard of parenthood perfection gives you the peace of mind you need, then please, do all of those things. Honestly, pretty much all of us do it anyway, and those of us who don't are probably a little more stressed out and anxious and overwhelmed.

So, with that in mind, here are eight ways you're a lazy mom, just like me. Seriously, lazy moms unite!

You Flip On The TV For Your Kids, So You Can Make Dinner

Okay, this may not sound that lazy, but there are people out there who think the television is an evil cop out, and while they're certainly entitled to their opinion, it's honestly not the worst thing in the world for your kid to have some screen time. When you're trying to get something accomplished without kids underfoot, the television can be your saving grace.

You Don't Bathe Your Kid Every Night

Again, some people may consider this to be lazy, but the truth is that bathing your kid every day can really dry out their skin, especially in the winter.

You Occasionally Let Your Kids Have The Crappy Food They Crave

No one is going to die of malnourishment if you serve your kids toaster waffles for dinner one night or a box of macaroni and cheese or somethign from the frozen food aisle at the grocery store. If it means a little bit of sanity for you and a fully belly for your kid(s), I say go for it.

You Rotate The Same Few Lunches Every Day

No one is going to be handing out parenting awards for super-creative lunches with sandwiches cut out in the shape of a heart and cucumber animals. If that's something you love to do, more power to you and maybe you could teach me how to be that creative? (Seriously, some of those lunches are legendary.) But the truth of the matter is, nobody's child is any worse off for having and consuming normally sliced vegetables.

You Don't Clean Up After Your Kids All The Time

Sometimes, I will refuse to clean up after my kids because I'm just exhausted and another cleaning session would mark the 17th I've accomplished in a 24 hour time period. Other times, however, it's because I want my kids to contribute to the clean up as well. This is just one of many examples of when "laziness" pays off; I do less, so my kids can learn to do more.

Sometimes, You Choose Family Time Over Neatness

There is never anything wrong with making that choice. Never. It's a played out cliche but it's also entirely true: you won't remember the dishes you didn't do or the laundry you didn't put away, you'll remember the moments you spent with your kids.

You Don't Schedule Every Minute Of Your Kid's Day

My kids spend time every single day amusing themselves while I am doing other things or just tending to myself via a healthy dose of well-deserved silence. Truth be told, I'm a big believer in self-directed play. Pinterest moms are completely awesome, don't get me wrong, but I want my kids to be able to come up with things to do on their own, because it helps them become more self-sufficient and independent and those characteristics will certainly assist them in the future.

You Start Your Kids On Chores Early In Life

A few less things for you to do, while your kid learns about responsibility? That's the dream, you guys. That's the dream.