8 Simple Baby Announcement Ideas That Are Totally Pinterest-Worthy

Congratulations! You’re officially expecting a baby. Now comes the fun part of telling everyone your exciting news. How do you want to do it? Not everyone can (or wants to) hire a professional photographer, and that’s totally understandable. So what creative ways can you share you're expecting with the world (Facebook), family, and friends? You may be looking for simple baby announcement ideas if you’re on a budget, but simple doesn’t have to mean boring. There are these handy things called smartphones that have pretty good cameras. And if you trust your amateur photography skills, these simple announcement ideas may just be the way to go.

As far as when you tell everyone your great news, everybody is different. Though many women wait until 12 weeks since the odds for having a miscarriage drop so much by that time, some women may want to have a large support system in place of family and friends who know, just in case the worst case scenario does happen. There are no rules set in stone about when you should tell your exciting news, just make sure that everyone you tell is aware that it’s your news to share since you’re the one that’s pregnant. Plus, you want to be able to tell people in these really cute ways yourself, right?


Sets Of Three (Or Four, Or Five, Etc.)

Does everyone in your family love Chuck Taylors (or sneakers)? Set up two big pairs of shoes (or a pair of shoes for you and your partner, and your current kids) and a pair of mini shoes in the line with an ultrasound pic to announce to the world you're expecting. I've seen this done with glasses, boots, dress shoes, bicycles and tricycles, you name it. The possibilities are endless depending on your hobbies.


A Vignette For Baby

Along with the ultrasound photo, place baby items around it and maybe even a framed sheet of paper with the due date on there. You can really get creative with the set-up and theme. All you need is a blank backdrop and your props, and maybe a chair to give you (or preferably your partner) some height to get an aerial shot of the photos.


Furbabies Announcement

Already have fur-children? It's really cute when they announce they're getting a human sibling. Have a picture of your cat looking at the ultrasound picture and caption the cat saying, "What is happening?" Or have your dogs "read" a book about introducing babies to pets. You can even get a simple chalkboard sign and if your dog listens well enough, have them sit with the sign that reads, "I'm going to be a big brother or sister." You can also take the shoe idea above to the next level and have your pet's paws in there, too.



If you're making your announcement in the fall, using pumpkins are perfect way to announce you're expecting. What's cuter than a little pumpkin? Plus, you can do a throwback a year later with your baby in a pumpkin onesie like the family above. How cute is that?


Book-Themed Announcement

So it doesn't have to be Harry Potter (but isn't this amazingly adorable and clever?), but using children's books, parenting books, or pregnancy books stacked up with maybe a pair of baby shoes or a framed photo of the ultrasound is a really clever and inexpensive way to announce your pregnancy.


Literal "Bun" In The Oven

Ever hear the phrase "I've got a bun in the oven"? I thought so. How clever is it to put a "bun" in your actual oven, and have you and your partner (and/or other members of your family) gazing at it? Just throw some text above it so people know what they're looking at (or don't, if you'd like them to have to go through a little guesswork) and you've got a "punny" announcement on your hands.


"Do Not Refill" Wine Glass

One of the major downsides to being pregnant (to me) is you can't drink wine. And sine it's pretty common knowledge that you can't really drink a lot of alcohol (if any) when you're pregnant, everyone should get this joke. It's clever, humorous, and different. Your announcement will definitely stand out, and it's really easy to do. I'm sure you have a wine glass sitting around somewhere in your house, right?


Expected To Pop Balloons

When you're in the later stages of pregnancy, you may very well feel like your belly is swelling like a giant balloon and you could "pop" at any minute. Using the word "pop" as a play on words for an announcement is clever, cute, and fairly easy to do, as long as you don't have a phobia of balloons.

No matter if you want to use your smartphone to snap a shot, you just want to make a simple social media status saying, "I'm pregnant," or if you don't want to tell the world on social media at all, it's totally up to you. And if you do want to share the good news, at least you know it doesn't have to be expensive and it can be cute and clever to boot with just a few inexpensive props.

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