8 Super Cute Kids' Halloween Costumes Under $15

I'll just go ahead and say it: Halloween costumes can be a bit of a pain. From just trying to decide what it is your kids should wear to what's appropriate and what isn't, what's safe and what isn't, and what size you need to order (especially because the little ones can go through a growth spurt at the last minute that renders their costume useless), there's a lot you have to consider. Plus, Halloween costumes can be so expensive and they probably won't wear it more than once. If you're nodding in agreement, you need these Halloween costumes under $15 for kids, because there's no reason to spend a small fortune on a store-bought Halloween costume they'll only wear for a few hours.

While there aren't an endless supply of affordable costumes, there are some options if you want to save a little money at Halloween this year. From animals and candy to games and professions, a lot of the heavy-hitting, popular categories of costumes are covered, meaning you just might get lucky and your kid will actually agree to one of these more affordable costumes. Yes, costumes are important, but, really, in the grand scheme of things, trick or treating and spending time with their friends are more so. Halloween doesn't have to break the bank.


A Bee

Honey Bee Costume, $14, Target

This cute little costume will definitely keep your little honey bee warm while they're out trick or treating. They'll be ready for whatever comes their way.


A Mermaid

Magical Mermaid Costume, $13, JCPenney

This mermaid costume comes in under budget at $13 and, sure, might be a little bit tricky to walk long distances in, but will be a costume your little one can be proud to wear — and that's part of the fun of Halloween.


A Pumpkin

Pumpkin Costume, $13, Halloween Costumes

Why not just dress up as a pumpkin on Halloween? Dressing up as a pumpkin on Halloween says you're a serious fan of the holiday. You're not messing around with princesses or doctors. You're going right for the symbols of the day themselves. This costume looks pretty comfortable too, which, in my mind, is a big bonus.


A Firefighter

Firefighter Costume, $14, Target

This firefighter costume is a great choice for your kid on Halloween. It's simple and it's a classic for a reason. You just can't go wrong. Bonus points if you bring your firehouse dog trick or treating with you.


A Monkey

Monkey Costume, $12, MardiGras Outlet

How cozy does this monkey costume look? Dress your little monkey like the little monkey they are this year for Halloween. Just make sure they put on shoes before they go out trick or treating.


A Minecraft Costume

Minecraft Costume, $18, Walmart

Does your kid love Minecraft? Like, to the point where you'll probably have to convince them to put it down to go out trick or treating? Then this is the costume for them.


Captain Hook

Captain Hook Costume, $15, Walmart

Dress your daring kid as a pirate (but, not just any pirate — Captain Hook) this year for Halloween. This costume is also a classic. A fierce pirate captain? It's perfect for your adventurous kid who'll probably have conquered the whole neighborhood by night's end.


A Tootsie Roll

Tootsie Roll Halloween Costume, $14, Walmart

I mean, what's more appropriate for a holiday where you walk around collecting candy from people than dressing up as an actual candy? Your kid with the giant sweet tooth will love it.

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