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8 Texts Every Woman Sends Her Partner Before Sex

Sex and communication do (or should, in that perfect world we're constantly striving for) go hand-in-hand. In order to make sure both partners (or multiple partners, I mean after all, I don't know your life) are comfortable, keeping open lines of constant communication between consenting adults is vital. If you want your sex life to be happy, healthy and downright hot, you need to talk. That used to mean talking face-to-face, but thanks to the wonder that is technology, there are texts every woman sends her partner before sex, that ensure all consenting parties are going to have one hell of a time. Thank you, Steve Jobs.

Whether it's sexting to get you and your partner in the mood, or it's letting your partner know what you would like to do to them or have done to you, or it's simply touching base with your partner about safe sex practices, there are a few text messages every woman sends her partner before sex to get herself, and that special (or maybe not so special) person in the mood. Having the ability to talk candidly, honestly and passionately with your partner literally at your finger tips all hours of the day, can make the lamest board meeting seem exciting, the most mundane of schedules seems infatuating and the longest work day fly by. Again, thank you Steve Jobs.

So, with that in mind, here are eight text messages every woman sends her partner before getting it on. Maybe give these a try tonight? And yes, you're welcome.

Honestly, you guys, familiarize yourself with the plethora of emojis before attempting to text about sex. I suggest moving the eggplant, the horn, the peach and the donut into your "favorites."

Who doesn't like consent with a side of pun-worthy foreplay? I know I do! Honestly, if you're up to try something different with your partner(s), it's important to talk to them about it openly, honestly and with little-to-no hesitation. That's half the fun of exploring something new and different with your partner: talking about it.

It's totally normal if you feel like a female Joey Tribbiani, like, all the time, and you simply can't bring yourself to choose between sex or food. If you send texts like the one above, or one professing your love for all carbs and all things sex, you're probably an amazing human being and your partner is lucky to have you. Women have been starving themselves of food, sex, lustfulness, fullness, and the feeling of total wholeness, for far too long, so keep fighting the good fight with your sex/food text messages, ladies!

Safe sex is hot sex, and any grown-ass woman is going to want to be safe when she's getting down. Whether it's with a long-term partner or someone she just met; a "have you been tested?" or a "do we have birth control" text message is easily the hottest text you could possibly send.

Women are busy. If it's not with work it's with school or serving in the armed forces or starting a family or traveling the world or attempting to recreate Adele's signature eyeliner look. If she's making room in her schedule for you and your hot bod, consider yourself one lucky you-know-what, because adulthood is exhausting, you guys.

Can we just be real and talk about period sex for a while, because it can be amazing. There are so many reasons why period sex is awesome, but easily one of the most noteworthy reasons is the fact that your partner feels comfortable going against social norms to be intimate with you. That, and your partner isn't ashamed or "grossed out" by a completely normal, healthy bodily function. So, there's that, too.

Look, we can't show you everything, okay? There are some sexts that are best kept between consenting partners, but use your imagination because, chances are, every other woman already is.

Ha, just kidding. Seriously, never send this text message. Ever.