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8 'The Bachelor'-Inspired Halloween Costumes That Are Worth A Dozen Roses

by Lauren Schumacker

There's really no doubt about it, The Bachelor franchise has reached pop icon status. The ABC show, in case you're somehow unaware, features a male or female lead plus about 25 contestants competing for the lead's heart. Over the course of the season, there's drama, confrontation, unrealistic romance, and, of course, a "journey" towards what nearly everyone (but especially producers) hope will be a proposal. Fans of #BachelorNation love the show ardently. If you count yourself among them, you might need one of these The Bachelor-inspired Halloween costumes to wear while trick-or-treating or at a Halloween party this year.

It can be difficult to dress up as real people, given that most don't necessarily have a defining uniform. Luckily, there are a handful of defining characteristics of the show's contestants in general, as well as a few of Bachelor Nation's most memorable players that will help ID you as a cast member of the show, as opposed to someone who is just heading out to a fancy event. From ball gowns and roses to suits and ties, the show has a look that's tailor-made for easy costumes. They're fun — who doesn't love an opportunity to get all dressed up, Halloween or not — and really don't take all that much effort. So you can throw one of these together at the last minute if you are unexpectedly invited to a Halloween party, and no one will even know you hadn't had it planned. Bonus: you can wear most of these outfits again after Halloween. Just leave the roses at home.


The Bachelor, Any Bachelor



Each and every male lead (as well as just about every male contestant that's ever appeared on the show) wears roughly the same uniform, so if you want dress up as one of the Bachelors for Halloween, your costume will consist of: a suit, a dress shirt ($20, JCPenney), a tie, a pair of dress shoes ($45, Kohl's), and, of course, a bunch of roses to hand out to admirers. Will you accept this rose?


The Bachelorette, Any Bachelorette



Like the male leads, the female leads all follow roughly the same script when it comes to their wardrobe. That being said, they have a bit more flexibility than the guys do. If you want to dress up as a Bachelorette for Halloween, you'll need a killer gown ($125, JJ's House), a pair of heels ($67, ASOS), and a few rose boutonnieres to hand out.


Chris Harrison



There's no person more constant in the Bachelor universe than host Chris Harrison. Dress up as Harrison for Halloween by donning a suit ($100, Macy's), dress shirt ($20, H&M), dress shoes ($40, Perry Ellis), tie ($19, The Tie Bar), overcoat ($99, H&M), and scarf ($58, Bloomingdale's), which is basically his outdoor, cool weather, signature look. Carry around a date card or two and regularly interrupt people with, "This is the final rose tonight. When you're ready..."


Scorned Bachelor Contestant



Remember, this is a competition show, which, unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), means a lot of drama and a lot of tears as contestants leave broken-hearted. To play the role of a crushed The Bachelor contestant, you'll need a gown ($135, For Her & For Him) or cocktail dress, a pair of heels ($70, FSJ), a box of tissues, and some mascara. Make sure you apply your makeup to look like you've been crying for awhile.


Alexis, The Aspiring Dolphin Trainer



Alexis, the aspiring dolphin trainer, competed for Nick Viall's heart on his season of The Bachelor. On the first night, she showed up dressed in what she claimed was a dolphin costume, but what nearly everyone else believed — and still believes, because it's true — to be a shark costume instead. Channel your inner Alexis in a shark costume ($33, Kmart) and a pair of black leggings. Bring along a long-stemmed red rose, as well.


Emily Maynard



Emily Maynard won hearts all across America when she competed for (and won) Brad Womack during his second season as the Bachelor. Dress up as Maynard from her pre-show portrait with a blonde wig (if you don't already have blonde hair), magenta ruffly dress ($22, ASOS), skinny black belt ($16, Kohl's), and long quatrefoil necklace ($28, Etsy).


Andi Dorfman



Andi Dorfman competed on Juan Pablo's season of The Bachelor, memorably giving him a piece of her mind before exiting the show. She came back as the next season's Bachelorette. Her signature look is perfect for Halloween. To pull off the costume, you'll need a shimmery gold dress ($84, Lulus), champagne heels ($40, Sole Society), and, of course, a bouquet of roses.


Rachel Lindsay



Rachel Lindsay was the most recent Bachelorette, after being sent home near the end of Nick's season as the Bachelor. During one of her dates with Nick, she wore this get-up, which would make for a fun and comfortable The Bachelor-inspired Halloween costume. You'll need a pair of mustard cutoffs ($42, Etsy), a white, v-neck halter top, a dark wig (if you don't already have dark hair), and a lacy parasol ($30, Oriental Trading).

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