8 Thoughts Parents Have The Night Before The First Day Of School


Remember how excited you would get as a kid while getting ready for the first day of school? It was a time full of fun experiences, like going back-to-school shopping and meeting a class full of new friends, but as a parent you may notice that where you once felt enthusiasm you’re now feeling a hefty amount of stress. And there’s no shame in that. Wanting your kid to have an amazing school year only highlights how much you love and care about them, but there’s no reason to drive yourself crazy with all of that stress. After all, don’t you already have enough on your plate?

Romper has partnered with Minute Maid to help you take a step back during this crazy-pants time of year and remind you of one major thing: that you're a great parent and you're doing a great job. To celebrate you and your top-notch parenting, we came up with a list of scary thoughts that are probably (definitely) running through your mind the night before the big day that are completely normal. Don’t believe us? Think of it this way: The fact that you’re thinking about your kids’ big day is a sign that they’re lucky to have you as a parent, so instead of letting yourself get stressed out, take the time to relax and get some sleep. Tomorrow’s a big day!

“Am I ready for this?”


Fresh batch of school supplies purchased? Check. Permission slips filled out? Check. Alarm set for the morning? Check. Lunches for tomorrow packed, including a sweet note about how much you love them? Check. Let us reassure you: You are so ready.

“Are the kids ready for this?”


Yes, a new daily routine is a difficult adjustment, but good thing you’re there to make sure they wake up, eat a healthy breakfast, and get ready for school on time. Just stick to your morning routine and know that their teachers are there for them when you can’t be. They kids will be used to their new schedule in no time.

“Did we buy the right stuff?”


You bought everything on the teacher’s supply list, took them shopping for back-to-school clothes, and stocked the pantry with juice boxes. We’re thinking you’re all set.

“Will they have a good year?”

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If you're wondering whether your kids will like their teachers and their classmates, or whether they’ll get too much homework, remind yourself that every school year brings new challenges. Even if things aren’t perfect, your little ones can handle whatever comes their way with your support.

“How will they be treatedand how will they treat others?”


You want your children to be kind and considerate, but you also want them to be able to stand up for themselves. Keep in mind that as a parent and role model, you set positive examples for your kids every day. Trust that they’re taking notice, and they’ll do their best to make you proud.

“Will there be tears tomorrow?”

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There might be! If the kids cry, it's probably because summer's over, and they're nervous about starting a new school year. If you're the one crying, it's more likely to be about how fast they're growing up. Have some tissues handy, just in case.

“Is it wrong to feel happy?”

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If you're a stay-at-home parent or you work from home, you might feel a huge sense of relief right now. For five or so hours every weekday, it’s officially someone else’s job to keep an eye on the kids, and that definitely has its perks. If you're tempted to do a happy dance the second they’re on the school bus, don't feel guilty. No matter how much you love your kids, every parent deserves a break once in awhile.

“I have to remember to take a pic!”


If you're worried you'll be so rushed in the morning that you’ll forget to snap a photo of the kids in their first-day-of-school outfits, set an alarm on your phone for five minutes before you need to leave the house. You and your kids will be happy you have the sweet shot to look back on.

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