Tofurky roast on a plate

Your Most Carnivorous Dinner Guests Will Dig These 8 Tofurky Thanksgiving Recipes

For a plant-based entree this holiday, think Tofurky. The best Tofurky Thanksgiving recipes are packed with savory flavor and plenty of veggie-friendly ingredients. Despite its silly name, Tofurky makes a seriously tasty entree.

Since 1995, the Tofurky Holiday Roast has provided a meat-free alternative to typical turkey centerpieces. The tofu turkey proved to be more than a passing trend, too. Likely due to the rise in plant-based dietary lifestyles, the Tofurky centerpiece is now available from a whole range of brands. In addition, plenty of enterprising food bloggers have whipped up their own version of the Tofurky, often accompanied by mouth-watering photos. Whether you're adding a little something extra to your store-bought Tofurky, or you're creating your own tofu turkey entirely from scratch, there's a ton of creative and tasty ways to enhance this recipe for the holidays.

And once the centerpiece is all set, it's easy to whip up a bunch of sides that'll thrill your vegan, vegetarian, or otherwise plant-loving guests. For instance, vegetarian Thanksgiving recipes can include everything from vegan butternut squash stuffed shells to pumpkin soup. With all of these tasty options on hand, your guests won't even think twice about turkey. Here's a roundup of some of the best Tofurky recipes for an awesome holiday meal.


Slow Cooker Maple Herb Tofurky

This vegan-ized version of a Thanksgiving turkey feast is packed with holiday flavors. The slow cooker maple herb Tofurky recipe from Healthy Slow Cooking makes a gorgeous centerpiece. As a bonus, the gravy pairs perfectly with mashed potatoes.


Vegan "Tofurkey" with Mushroom Stuffing and Gravy

If the photo looks this rich and inviting, just imagine what the actual entree tastes like. The Vegan "Tofurkey" with Mushroom Stuffing and Gravy recipe from Epicurious can really show off your cooking talents. The "tofurkey" roast itself includes some super-tasty ingredients such as crimini mushrooms, white miso paste, and fresh thyme.


Tofurky Recipe

This Tofurky recipe includes a whole set of tasty options for basting, whether you're into fruity and sweet or herb-heavy flavors. Overall, the basic Tofurky recipe from What's Cooking America gives you plenty of ideas to make this tofu entree a regular part of your holiday dish rotation. Add in your favorite mix of veggies to customize your Thanksgiving meal a little more.


Tofu Turkey

For a gluten-free and vegan Thanksgiving entree, look no further. The tofu turkey recipe from Healthier Steps has a ton of holiday flavors packed into one dish. And because it uses super-firm tofu, the end result has a surprisingly "meaty" texture.


Roasted Tofurkey

Even vegans can feast on this meal. The roasted Tofurky recipe from The Veggie Gal makes a simple but elegant centerpiece for your holiday meal. Serve it up with some greens and sweet potatoes for a complete Thanksgiving experience.


Better Baste For Tofurky

If you already have a favorite tofu turkey brand from the grocery store, then this quick recipe can bring in some extra flavor. The better baste for Tofurky recipe from Fool A Carnivore is a simple way to step up your meal from Quorn, Gardein, or whatever brand you like. Plus, the recipe is designed by Nancy Olah, who has decades of vegetarian cooking experience.


Ultimate Tofurkey Roast

If you want a picture-perfect recipe, then consider this choice. The Ultimate Christmas Tofurkey Roast from Full Of Plants is both packed with veggie flavors and incredibly photogenic. It's an innovative and fun take on the tofu turkey trend.


Vegan Gluten-Free Tofurkey

Although many meat substitutes rely on gluten ingredients, this avoids them completely. The vegan, gluten-free Tofurkey recipe from Vegan Dollhouse is a meal that just about anyone at your table can safely enjoy. It works well with many different dietary lifestyles, and it's full of holiday flavors. Even better, the leftovers can be used to make sandwiches. It's easy to imagine your favorite Tofurky recipe becoming your next holiday tradition.