These Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Pregnant Women Will Make Her *So* Happy

I wouldn't consider myself a Valentine's Day "hater," but I'm not really a fan of some of the clichés. Walk into any drug store during the month of February and all you see are aisles of heart-shaped junk: Generic teddy bears, fake flowers, crappy chocolate... it's the literal worst and nobody wants that, I mean it. No female over the age of 12 wants any of that. Especially if you're pregnant and dealing with a fierce nesting impulse and lots of passionate opinions. Luckily, there are plenty of Valentine's Day gifts for pregnant women that she'll actually want — as in, she won't be forced to pretend she likes it and then secretly cry about it when you leave.

Moms deserve to be spoiled all the time, but they especially deserve a little extra pampering when they're growing a literal person, who will soon make a grand exit which is neither pretty nor painless. So, if you'd like to get her something she'll actually appreciate without cluttering her house, check out these gift ideas. This list will have her covered with all things she can indulge in, so she can spend the rest of her pregnancy feeling stylish and comfy.


Pregnancy Subscription Box

Consider this the holy grail of pregnancy gifts. These customizable gift boxes from Oh Baby Boxes are packed with tons of goodies that every mom-to-be needs. Tailored for each stage of pregnancy and into the postpartum journey, they're even able to accommodate her due date. Boxes ship on the 15th of every month (unless it's your first box, which ships in just 1-3 days).


A Super Comfy Bra

Even if she never wore a bra while you slept before you were pregnant, it might be a necessity now. This one is so soft and comfy it won't get on her nerves in the middle of the night, and it can be used for nursing, too.


Yummy Smelling Bath Bombs

For some reason it's really easy for moms to forget to relax and take a bath, especially if they're working. Remind her to take some time for herself to relax with some delicious smelling bath bombs. Bonus points if they're packed with a moisturizer and some muscle healing salts.


Prenatal Massage

You can always opt for a gift certificate to her local massage place, but this is a close second. It's gentle enough for a soothing bump massage, and it'll work wonders on her aching back and sore feet.


A Supportive Pregnancy Pillow

When I was pregnant, I literally could not have enough pillows. It was hard to sleep because my hips and back hurt and it was impossible to get comfortable without the help of pillows all around. This pillow looks soft and comfy AF. Check out that belly support!


A Refreshing Ice Roller


Cute Maternity Jeans

What's the only thing better than comfort? Comfort with with style. Every pregnant mama wants a cute pair of maternity jeans that works just as well for running errands as going out to brunch with friends.

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