8 Vegan Desserts To Top Off Your Thanksgiving Feast, Because Everyone Deserves Pumpkin Pie

One of the very best parts about Thanksgiving, besides you know, the gratitude and family bonding, is the food. Vegans know full well that their options aren't limited merely by the fact that they choose to eat a specific way. Instead, the diet opens up a wide array of recipes that are arguably even more delicious than their non-vegan counterparts — at least that's what they and that's all that really matters. This Thanksgiving, you may find yourself with more than one vegan at your table (perhaps including yourself), so make sure your dinner spread includes a few vegan Thanksgiving desserts to top off your mouthwatering meal.

The beautiful thing about these vegan dessert recipes is that they're twists on the traditional all-American Thanksgiving favorites everyone knows and loves, just without the dairy. Pumpkin pie? Of course. Apple crisp? Always. These classic recipes will appeal to anyone at your table proving that being vegan doesn't mean you have to sacrifice taste, tradition, or your childhood favorites. Instead, it means adapting and updating these comfort foods until you're left with the perfect vegan recipe that rivals the real deal. Even your great aunt will approve.

These seven vegan desserts are handpicked with Thanksgiving in mind. They are surprisingly (or maybe not so surprisingly, if you're a veteran vegan chef) simple to make and are sure to wow your Thanksgiving crew. No matter who is around your table this year, be it a few close friends or a slough of your relatives, these desserts are certainly one thing to be thankful for.


Pumpkin Pie

No Thanksgiving Day celebration is complete without a classic pumpkin pie or two. Unfortunately, most recipes are made with copious amounts of dairy. With with a few easy switches though, this traditional pumpkin pie recipe from Healthy Happy Life is as vegan as it is delicious. You won't even notice the absence of milk and butter.


Nut Butter Coconut Tart

Although pumpkin pie is the mainstay of traditional Thanksgiving dessert spreads, most gatherings have at least two pie options to keep the crowds happy and, of course, full of pie. This nut butter coconut chocolate tart from A Cozy Kitchen is a delicious and incredibly beautiful alternative to traditional chocolate cream and coconut cream pies. It's almost too pretty to eat.


Chocolate Avocado Mousse

Instead of chocolate pudding, this vegan avocado chocolate mousse from Adventures in Cooking is the perfect airy and light dessert. Made with avocados and dairy free dark chocolate, it's a recipe you'll make over and over again, all year long.


Vegan Pumpkin Cake

If pumpkin pie isn't your forte, you don't have to forego fall's favorite flavor altogether. This pumpkin spice cake from Averie Cooks has a vegan buttercream frosting and contains all of the flavors of pumpkin pie in a soft, crumbly, cake form.


Apple Cobbler

Incredibly similar to apple pie but without the non-vegan ingredients and crust, this apple cobbler recipe from Cook Nourish Bliss is comforting and perfectly spiced. Pair it with coconut milk vanilla ice cream for the perfect end to your Thanksgiving food festivities.


Thanksgiving Pie Fries

For a fun and kid-friendly twist on classic apple pie, these Thanksgiving pie fries from Couldn't Be Parve are perfect for tiny fingers and adults alike. With a cinnamon pastry cream for dipping or spreading on top, these fries will be a hit with family members of all ages and dietary restrictions.


Pumpkin Pie With Gingerbread Crust

Another crowd favorite with a spiced twist, this pumpkin pie recipe from Healthy Happy Life has a gingerbread crust, making this pie a dessert straight from the vegan gods themselves.


Cranberry Orange Pecan Cake

Cranberry isn't just for creating a delicious Thanksgiving condiment — it is delicious in cake form too. This cranberry orange pecan cake from Willow Bird Baking has the perfect balance of citrus kick, cranberry tang, and sweet cream cheese frosting.

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