Greta Thunberg celebrated her 17th birthday on Friday.
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In Honor Of Greta Thunberg's Birthday, Here Are All The Ways She's Such A Capricorn

Greta Thunberg is a Capricorn. If you aren't into horoscopes, this will probably mean nothing to you. But if you've done even the lightest amount of research into the meaning of the signs, you are likely now nodding along sagely and saying, of course she's a Capricorn. In fact, there are at least eight ways that Greta Thunberg is such a Capricorn, and the world should be grateful because this makes her an ideal person to save the planet, as she's already set out to do.

The young climate change activist turned 17 years old on Friday, Jan. 3, and I would like you to go ahead and guess how she spent her birthday. That's right, she spent her 17th birthday doing the same thing she has done for the past 72 Fridays — going on strike in an effort to force world leaders to finally do something about the climate crisis. Fortunately, according to the National Post, this time around Thunberg was not alone as she went on strike outside the Swedish parliament building in Riksdagen, she was joined by plenty other activists.

Thunberg has been nothing if not consistent in her climate change activism; she has been so effective with her school strikes every Friday that she was named TIME magazine's person of the year in 2019. If you think this young woman is planning to pause and enjoy all of the kudos and praise heaped upon her, you don't get her at all. She is peak Capricorn and as such will keep driving forward to achieve her goals.

Obviously Earthy


The zodiac element of Capricorn is an earth sign, and if you can think of someone who is more focused on the earth than Greta Thunberg, who has literally devoted her life to trying to save the planet at such a young age, I would love to hear about it.

Hard-Working Goats

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Capricorns are represented by goats as their zodiac sign, and perhaps because goats are traditionally pretty determined farm animals, the Capricorns are considered incredibly hard-working. While Thunberg might not be working at an after-school job, she does travel the globe on a sailboat, tirelessly speaking at climate conferences. So that's something.

Passionately Sincere About Her Cause

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Thunberg made international news in September when she passionately called out world leaders at the United Nations climate summit. Her sincerity and devotion to her cause could be felt far and wide, and that kind of sincerity is another trademark of the well-meaning Capricorn.

Single-Minded Focus

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Capricorns also tend to be ambitious and laser-focused when they have a goal in mind, AstroStyle explains. Thunberg's parents can attest to her focused determination. Her father recently told the BBC that he thought it was a bad idea for her to get so involved in climate change activism, but it seems there was simply no stopping her, even as a child.

Research Lover


Thunberg initially got invested in the climate change crisis a few years before she began her climate strikes. As a young girl, her father told the BBC, she spent hours researching everything that was happening to the planet and what the future would look like if nothing was done. This is true to form for Capricorns, who love to read and research every chance they get, according to Cosmopolitan.

Over-Achiever Much?

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Thunberg travels the world to encourage climate change activism and speak to world leaders, which is impressive enough on its own. But she takes it a step further by traveling by sail boat instead of plane or car to lessen her carbon footprint. This is the kind of over-achieving attitude that is the hallmark of a Capricorn, according to AstroStyle.

Super Practical


Critics of Thunberg (also known as climate change deniers) have attempted to discredit her in the past for over-simplifying the environmental crisis, but this is just another element of her practical Capricorn nature, as Cosmopolitan notes. She sees an issue, she sees a solution, and she can't comprehend why it's not getting fixed.

Organizer Extraordinnaire

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Another element of Capricorns? They are incredibly organized, according to Inner Self. Thunberg has managed to galvanize young people across the planet to coordinate weekly climate action strikes. With her conviction, her drive, and her organization skills... this Capricorn is going to change our world. Finally.