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8 Ways Your Baby Is Trying To Say That, Yes, You Are Their Favorite

For a baby to show a preference for a specific person is not only normal, but an essential part of their development. Babies need to form strong attachments to their caregivers for their emotional, social, and physical wellbeing. Usually, but not always, the "chosen one" is the baby's mother. Biologically speaking, it makes perfect sense, but as a mom it's a pretty awesome perk to be the person your baby fancies most. If you need some reassurance (and what new mom doesn't), look for these ways your baby is trying to say that you're their favorite.

At 3 years old, my baby girl isn't a baby anymore, but I remember those early days with tremendous fondness. As someone who suffers from depression, anxiety, and obsessive compulsive disorder, I worried that I wouldn't bond with her, at least at first. In my case, however, I found that her need for me combined with her clear partiality really helped cement our connection. I had my moments when I was overwhelmed, but having that tiny human being show me in her own way that "hey, mom, I love you best" was enough to keep me going.

It's pretty great to have a preschooler who can employ words to express their love for you, but in the meantime, you can enjoy these sweet nonverbal ways that your baby is assuring you that you're their person:

They Smile At You

According to What to Expect, you can expect baby's first smile around 6 to 8 weeks of age. The best part is that they're now not doing it because of gas, but because they want to elicit a reaction from you. Why? After just a few days, they like your face better than anyone else's.

They Make Eye Contact

When it's the random dude in the elevator, unbroken eye contact is creepy. When it's your baby, though, it just means they're trying to get to know you better. According to Parents, that staring contest is baby's attempt to link the recognizable sights and sounds of comfort and love with its visible source: you.

They Recognize You

Your baby prefers pretty much everything about you. They know your voice because they heard it in the womb. They recognize your smell so much that studies have shown that, given the choice between a breast pad belonging to their mother and one that doesn't, a newborn will turn toward the smell of mom's milk.

They Light Up When They See You

If you've ever left the room your baby is in and then walked back in, you know exactly what I'm referring to. At the mere sight of you, your little one will somehow manage to smile with their whole face. This "lighting up" is further indication that you're number one in their (baby) book.

They Turn Towards You

Your unborn baby's heart rate actually slows when they hear your voice, so it's no surprise that they prefer that familiar sound in the big, wide world as well. That's why no matter who's holding them, your little one will turn their head at the dulcet tones of your voice.

They Reach For You

This is something we often associate with older babies. According to Parents, at 6 months old babies can truly "ask" for a pick-me-up by reaching out for you. However, even a 2-month-old baby can stiffen their body to make it easier for you to get them in your arms. All that body language indicates trust in you, their special person.

They Become Agitated When Others Hold Them

It probably doesn't make grandma feel very good, but the fact that your baby squirms and cries in her arms, whereas they melt into yours, is yet another sign that you are, in fact, the favorite. Separation anxiety just means that your baby is securely attached to you, and in time those circles of trust will expand (don't worry, grandma).

They Grow Attached To A Lovey

This might seem counterintuitive — if I'm meeting baby's needs, why do they need a blankie or stuffed animal? Fear not, mama. The lovey actually represents you. For your little one, it's like a physical manifestation of your affection that they can control (unlike you). #StillTheFavorite