8 Weird Things To Buy For Your Boobs While Breastfeeding

If you're expecting a little one and are planning to breastfeed, you probably have a million and one things on your mind. In addition to the regular wish list items on your baby shower registry, there are actually quite a few weird things to buy for your boobs while breastfeeding. If you're anything like I am, I barely remembered anything I ever learned about female anatomy and had to reacquaint myself with my mammary glands as I approached the third trimester. Just like everything else on your body, your breasts (and nipples) can change in unexpected ways and require unique maintenance.

From personal massagers to liners for your leaking nipples (yes, they are arched and round for a more tailored fit), there are plenty of weird things to get for your boobs while breastfeeding that you probably never imagined you'd own. You've heard horror stories from your friends and family (and well-meaning strangers) about sore nipples and painful engorgement, and once you are breastfeeding, you'll see that there is an unexpected product for every conceivable challenge associated with breastfeeding your baby.

Though most people tend to focus on the aspect of ensuring your little one is getting enough nutrients, it's good to remember that your breasts need a little consideration and care, too. And once you realize how complicated the experience can be, especially in the beginning, you'll be eager to learn about any helpful gadgets. So, check out these weird but helpful things to buy for your boobs while breastfeeding.


Freemie Collection Cups

Freemie Collection Cups, $60, Target

Compatible with a wide range of pumps (including their own brand), the Freemie Collection Cups allow you to pump completely hands-free and under your shirt.


Lactation Massager

Lactation Massager, $35, LaVie

Clogged ducts and milk flow problems are said to be a thing of the past with this LaVie Lactation Massager that can ease your discomfort. A bonus is that it's waterproof. And yes, we're sure these are meant for your boobs.


Relief Packs

Rachel's Remedy Breastfeeding Relief Pack, $17, Amazon

Do you ever wish you could use Icy Hot on your breasts? Then you're in luck. Rachel's Remedy Breastfeeding Relief Packs are the only FDA-approved heating and cooling products that are safe to use while breastfeeding


Boobie Bars

Boobie Bars, $23, Amazon

No, this isn't a nightclub for your breasts. These Boobie Bars come in a variety of flavors and are packed with breast-friendly nutrients. They even have a gluten-free option.


Nipple Butter

Earth Mama Natural Nipple Butter, $12, Amazon

Again, the title could be misleading. But the Earth Mama Natural Nipple Butter is a lanolin-free, non-GMO option for self-proclaimed crunchy mommies. Pro tip: smother them all over your nipples before you hop in the shower to keep them from drying out and cracking once you get out. You'll thank us for it later.


Double-Layer Nursing Tops

Double Layer Nursing Top, $26, Llama Mama

I remember once when my breasts were so tender that even the fabric of my shirt irritated my skin. That's why this Double-Layer Nursing Top is the perfect pick. It's functional, fashionable, and feels gentle on even the most sensitive boobs.


Bamboobie Pads

Bamboobie Nursing Pads, $20, Amazon

Do traditional nursing pads still seem to let leaks through? Then you'll appreciate Bamboobies Nursing Pads with their absorbent bamboo, hemp, and organic cotton blend. They're super soft, come in an adorable heart shape, and they're washable.


Nipple Shells

Medela SoftShells, $15, Amazon

No two bodies are alike, and neither are nipples. If you have flat or inverted nipples, you might want to try Medela SoftShells that will assist in breastfeeding.

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