8 Kickass Wonder Woman Hair Tutorials For A Fierce Halloween

This past year, the much anticipated Wonder Woman hit theaters, and it did not disappoint. From her very beginning, this Amazonian badass has been an empowering role model for girls, and Gal Godot brought Diana to life in a reboot worthy of her legacy. With Halloween just a few weeks away, why not channel your inner super hero? It won't take much to transform — just the signature outfit (which you could get at any party store), a fierce attitude (which I know you already have), and your pick of one of these awesome Wonder Woman hair tutorials.

Hair is key to achieving a killer Halloween costume... it can honestly make or break your look. And I mean, come on, don't you want to win best costume? If you are taking the time to dress up, why not go the extra mile and make sure your hair is on point, too? Plus, hair is the one part of your outfit that doesn't have to cost much. It's super easy, and you don't even need to go to a salon, or call your super fashionista friend — just check out some hair tutorials that will help transform you step by step into the Wonder Woman that you are.


That Amazing Braid

Fishtail braids have been in now for a hot minute, but with the new Wonder Woman film, this look has blown up thanks to that island filled with kickass women. YouTuber Kayley Melissa will lead you through a Wonder Woman-inspired braid that will take your everyday braid to the next level.


The Poof

Remember Snookie's poof? I bet you didn't know Wonder Woman was the first celebrity to sport this look. In this tutorial, Iris will give your Wonder Woman more than just super powers; she will make you a powerful poof.


'70s Sex Appeal

Sexy Hair TV's tutorial will transform your inner Wonder Woman, giving you that sultry 1970s look Lynda Carter had in the American television series. Va va voom.


The Basic Wonder Woman

This is the tutorial for me. Madelynn Jay brings you an easy way to achieve the Wonder Woman look. All you have to do is just add some curls and a bit of hair tease, and you will be ready to take over Gotham City.


Side Bun In 'Dawn Of Justice'

Wonder Woman isn't always fighting crime. In Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Wonder Woman attends a party while rocking an elegant side bun. Olivia Dawn will help you recreate this look, giving you a classic bun you could actually wear for any occasion. Win, win.


Get That Long Hair Look

For those with short hair, you might want to check out this tutorial. Kayleigh Noelle will teach you how to put in extensions to make your hair longer and fuller. A little extra hair might be all you need master the powerful Wonder Woman look.


Updo In New Wonder Woman

If you saw the new movie, you would know the scene where Wonder Woman holds a sword in the back of her dress. This scene blew up, even creating its own hashtag #WWgotyourback. People all over the world have been posting Instagram photos trying to mimic this look. Now, I can't tell you where to get a sword (you can probably find one on Amazon), but I can tell you how to get the killer up do.


Hair-Teasing Wonder Woman

Transforming you from your everyday look into the goddess that is Wonder Woman has never been easier. This Wonder Woman hair tutorial focuses on some hair teasing... and not much else! This is a super easy, economical way to achieve this look.

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