85 Thoughts You Have When You Re-Read 'Harry Potter & The Order Of The Phoenix'

Choosing a favorite Harry Potter book is a little like choosing a favorite child, right? I mean, you love them all equally, so it seems silly to say you have a favorite, but there's only one in your bunch that hasn't pooped their pants today or colored on the walls or called you a meanie. And that favorite? Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Don't argue with me, the thoughts you have when you re-read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix will prove it to you.

When the fifth Harry Potter book was released, I had just wrapped up my freshman year of high school and was feeling a little angsty. High school was much harder than I had anticipated and while I had made some new friends, experienced my first love, and was excited to be a sophomore, I was also still reeling from all of the emotions of that first year. Y'all. High school is scary.

But Harry Potter was there, like so many other times in my adolescence. And the dark and brooding fifth installment of the series was exactly what my heart and soul needed that summer. While I can agree that the nostalgia of the fifth book probably plays a part in it being my favorite, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is also deeply rooted in betrayal, in friendship, in fury, and in love. All of the things I was feeling that particular summer were manifested into a story about the beginnings of a wizard war, and I couldn't help but fall more in love with each character. It all felt like they were battling for me, too, and I soaked in every line.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is my favorite book to re-read for pleasure, and to experience these 85 thoughts all over again. Because you know what? This book is chock-full of stuff and deserves a re-read every now and again. (Although it doesn't make the ending any easier and that's my warning to you.)


Dear God, This Book Is Huge

It's bigger than Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire! How did I ever read this in a weekend? Oh, right. That whole no kids thing.


I Just Remembered What's Going To Happen In This Book

That moment when you remember who dies in this book and oh God, I don't actually know if I can keep turning these pages.


38 Chapters?!

No really, how did I finish this in a weekend, but my summer reading for 10th grade took me eight weeks?


Harry Is Being A Brat Again

Knowing now that he was safe at the Dursleys' home, his little rants about not being able to spend his summer fighting against Voldemort makes him see like a total brat. Especially when he's all angry with Ron and Hermione like it's their fault.


Why Doesn't Harry Just Tell Petunia & Vernon?

They want to know why he's interested in the news and I get that they don't like talk of the wizarding world, but Petunia's sister did die at the hands of Voldemort. It seems like Harry could've saved himself some turmoil if he just told them what was up.


Mrs. Figg For The Win

Man, if only Harry was told he was a wizard earlier. He could've had the best time when Mrs. Figg was babysitting him.


I Feel Bad For Squibs

I can't believe squibs were left out of the movie. It's seriously heartbreaking to think of a squib. I bet they have a hard time being non-magical in a magical family.


Why Did They Tell Mundungus To Watch Harry?

Out of all the members of the Order of the Phoenix, why the hell did they leave it up to Mundungus Fletcher to keep an eye on Harry?


The Ministry Of Magic Sucks

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When a young boy manages to pull of a Patronus charm, wouldn't you assume that they needed it? I mean, that's some high-level magic right there.


Petunia Is Totally Made Worse By Vernon

Knowing how Petunia is going to act at the end of the series and how most of her hatred was spurned on by jealousy, you quickly realize that Vernon brings out the worst in her. She knows what dementors are and tells Harry as much, which makes me think if it hadn't been for Vernon, she might've been more inclined to talk about the magical world with her nephew.


Totally Forgot About That Howler From Dumbledore

More proof that Petunia does care about Harry if you ask me. Also, d*mn. I would not want to be on the wrong side of Albus Dumbledore.


Also, Why Is Harry Surprised That Petunia Is Scared?

Dude, she knows about the magical world, too. Lily was her sister. Sometimes Harry is so shortsighted.


Also, The Wizarding World's Mail Is Insane

Seriously, how many letters have showed up to that house referencing something that happened like ten minutes ago? And more mail was passed from Dumbledore to the Ministry to Arthur Weasley to Sirius. Those owls must be so tired.


I Want To Be In The Order Of The Phoenix

Ugh. All the feels when they bust into the Durselys' home to rescue Harry.


Ha, Harry Hasn't Actually Met Mad-Eye Moody

Super weird, yet he's exactly the same as Barty Crouch Jr. impersonating him.


I Will Never Forgive Rowling For Lupin & Tonks

Reading about them now, ugh. I love them so hard. Why does she have to kill them later?


OK, A Piece Of Parchment Seems Very Unsafe Here

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They couldn't just tell Harry to memorize 12 Grimmauld Place? Mad-Eye just gave him a piece of paper that literally says 'The headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix may be found at number 12, Grimmauld Place, London' and I feel like that's rule number one of hiding sh*t — don't write it down.


God, Sometimes Harry Is The Worst

Yeah, scream at Ron and Hermione because it's all their fault you're the chosen one and prone to making irrational, unsafe decisions. Have a seat, Potter.


Lupin & Sirius Are Right, Molly

Harry has already fought Voldemort a handful of times and he's the one the Dark Lord wants dead — why shouldn't he know what the hell is going on? Sorry, Molly, I've got to side with the guys on this one.


How Painful Is It To Read This Knowing Sirius Is Going To Die?



It's Creepy Knowing Why Dumbledore Kept Harry In The Dark

How does Snape say it in the final book? Like leading a lamb to slaughter? Ugh, so creepy knowing that and then hearing that Dumbledore has kept Harry in the dark so that he doesn't ruin everything.


Aw Kreacher

I remember hating this nasty elf the first time I read this, but now I just want to gather him up in a hug.


Everyone's Related In The Wizarding World!

Tonks, Malfoy, Bellatrix — all related to Sirius in some way. They had to start marrying Muggles or else they were all going to be in-bred, geez.


How Do You Not Remember Lestrange, Harry?

Am I the only one totally infuriated by the fact that he can't place the name Lestrange? You saw a memory where she was put on trial for the unforgivable thing she did to Neville's parents. God, Harry. Get it together, this is making me angry.


There's Umbridge, That Witch

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UGHHH I WANT TO THROW THIS BOOK RIGHT NOW. Seriously, the most evil witch in the whole damn series is right here on this page like it's no big deal and I think I'm going to hurl.


Fudge Is A Jerk

And is going to get everyone killed with his attitude. How could you not believe that Voldemort was back? Ugh.


Dumbledore Out

I remember reading this the first time and wondering what in the hell was wrong with Dumbledore and why he wouldn't talk to Harry. So much shade in that courtroom.


I Was Seriously Concerned That Harry Was Going To Be Expelled

It seemed logical, right? Especially when hardly anyone believed him.


Poor Sirius

OK, knowing that Sirius is going to die soon makes me wish Harry had been expelled from Hogwarts, too. It's not like he's ever going to be fully safe there anyway.


I'm So Over You, Harry

Reading this as a teen, I sympathized with Harry. But watching him pout and think of all the ways he's a better wizard than Ron is maddening. Ron is a prefect because he doesn't constantly put himself in danger for no good reason, geez.


Also, Yay Prefects!

Not sure why this got left out of the movie either as I think it sets up a lot of the turmoil between Ron and Harry's relationship, and I also think it's good for the Ron and Hermione future storyline.


Oh, Mrs. Weasley

Now that I'm a mother, my Boggart would also turn into dead family members and seriously, this part is almost too heartbreaking to read. Especially when the Boggart turns into the twins dead, knowing that one of them is going to be a reality.


I Wish Harry Would Tell Someone About That Stupid Scar Of His

He acts like it hurting is no big deal, UGH. He makes things worse for himself, I swear.


Don't Make Fun Of 'The Quibbler'

That paper is going to save your butt later in this series.


Shut Up, Malfoy

God, the whole Malfoy family makes me sick. They all run their mouths, get their butts saved by Harry, and then get to disappear without anyone of them dying. So unfair.


Even The Sorting Hat Has No Chill

Look, when a hat tells you to remain loyal to each other and not divide yourselves up, you should pay attention. I'm talking to you, Seamus.


Should've Just Stayed With Sirius, Harry

This is not going to be the Hogwarts you were excited about.


Also, If You'd Pay Attention, You Would Know Where Hagrid Is

Didn't Hagrid mention to Harry in the last book that Dumbledore wanted him to take care of somethings over the summer? Why does Harry think he only has to pay attention to his friends if they mention including him?


Harry Also Has No Chill

Dude, I get that you're upset about Umbridge not teaching you guys defensive spells, but she's part of the Ministry. Just swallow the madness and keep calm. You're making yourself look crazier and crazier.


Stop Trying To Make S.P.E.W. Happen, Hermione

It's not going to happen.


Tell Dumbledore Already!

Geez, Harry. I do not get his refusal to tell Dumbledore anything, I just don't. I would've left Umbridge's detention two minutes in and found Dumbledore.


It's OK, Umbridge, You'll Be In Azkaban Soon

Man, it's nice knowing that, isn't it?


Also Forgot That Ron Becomes Keeper

Man, this was totally Ron's year, wasn't it?


Poor Sturgis

God! It's so unfair to read the things Malfoy does, like putting Sturgis under the Imperius Curse and having him sent to Azkaban, and know that he still doesn't get what's coming to him. Ever.


Also, Why Haven't Any Of Them Realized A Connection With The Ministry Yet?

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Harry, Ron, and Hermione are usually so quick to figure things out. Hello. Lucius acting all weird at the Ministry, Sturgis caught trying to "break in" to it and being sentenced to prison — obviously there's something there everyone wants.


No Letters, Harry!

This is why your dumb butt isn't a prefect. Dumbledore said no letters and here you are, sending a stupid letter to Sirius about your scar and Umbridge. How about you talk to the actual members of the Order within your reach, like Dumbledore?


Let Sirius Be A Dog Already

It's safe for him to randomly pop his head into the Gryffindor common room's fire, but he can't turn into a dog and head into Hogsmeade with you? OK. He's going to die soon, you know. And you're going to regret this.


I'm Surprised Harry Needs So Much Convincing About DA

I love how Hermione has to keep begging Harry to create Dumbledore's Army and teach people these defense spells. Like he hasn't spent the last five books talking about how much better of a wizard he is than everyone else and how he should have all the knowledge.


I Don't Like Harry Very Much In This Book

In case you couldn't tell. He's getting on my nerves.


Also Forgot About The Jinxed Parchment Paper

Not sure why they go for veritaserum in the movies when Hermione's jinxed sign-up sheet for Dumbledore's Army is so brilliant. I need one of these.


Told You Hogwarts Wasn't Safe

Mail being read, student organizations banned, Sirius almost being grabbed out of the fire by Umbridge — should've stayed at 12 Grimmauld Place.


Ginny Upstaging Cho Is Classic Foreshadowing

Cho suggests Defense Association for the group's name and Ginny counters with Dumbledore's Army, the obvious choice. If this isn't foreshadowing of Harry's love life, then I know nothing. Well played, J.K.


Although Dumbledore's Army May Not Be The Best Name

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Paranoid Fudge is not going to like that one bit, you guys. You're setting it up so your headmaster gets sent away.


Don't Worry, Professor McGonagall

Seeing Minerva get all worked up in this book makes me fist pump for her, but I also just want to remind her not to worry, and she's totally going to kick some ass later on.


You Don't Hear Much From Snape In This Book

It's actually kind of nice not having to constantly justify his actions to Harry in my head.


So Much Symbolism In Thestrals

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I love that J.K. made thestrals only visible to those who have seen death. It's such a unifier, and it's symbolic of how differently we view the world once we have witnessed someone die.


Ginny Should Have Always Been Seeker

She is going to play professionally, after all.


Cho & Harry's Relationship Is Weird

Especially knowing it's going to end fairly soon. It's like it was here simply to throw you off of the Harry/Hermione or Harry/Ginny train you were most likely on. I mean, she's talking about her dead boyfriend and all of a sudden they're kissing. Weird.


No, Mr. Weasley!

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OK, Mr. Weasley being attacked by Nagini is totally when J.K. was planning on killing him off, wasn't it? So close to death, Arthur!


Harry Is So Not Possessed

I'm not sure why that's Mad-Eye's immediate thought. They all know there's some kind of connection between Voldemort and Harry, so why do they immediately jump to possession?


This Scene With Neville Gives Me All The Feels

Oh God, seeing Neville's parents in St. Mungo's is just about the most heartbreaking thing in the entire series. This should've been in the movie. This is so important.


LOL Lockhart

"Am I a professor? Really?" will always make me laugh. If you ask me, Professor Lockhart totally got what was coming to him. He is hilarious in this book.


There's The Mirror!

Sirius giving Harry that wrapped package and telling him not to open it unless he needs it is crazy foreshadowing. Knowing it's the two-way mirror and that it's going to save Harry later when Sirius is no longer around is crazy.


Also, It's So Weird Thinking That Kreacher Knows About A Horcrux

I mean, all this running around they're doing now makes me wish I could tell them to talk to Kreacher already about the locket Regulus found.


Occlumency Sounds Hard AF

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What a difficult lesson to learn. Although MAJOR foreshadowing that Snape is the one teaching Harry. Of course he's an expert being a double spy and all.


That Burning Scar Again

Voldemort is super happy because he just busted out some nasty, evil Death Eaters, Harry! Gah.


Once Again, Hermione Figures It Out

It only takes one more person to be hurt in the Ministry of Magic for Hermione to realize they're being cursed and sent to find something for Voldemort. As always, well done, Hermione.


Seems Weird That Dumbledore Still Gets To Appoint New Teachers

Like Umbridge can fire them and run the whole school, but Dumbledore still gets to hire new teachers? And centaurs at that!


Of Course Dumbledore's Gone Near The End Of The Book

Does this not happen in almost every book? He's always getting sent away or disappearing at the end leaving everyone to freak out.


Snape's Memories Are So Sad

I mean, calling Lily a "mudblood" wasn't very nice, but geez. James and Sirius make me sad.


Can You Imagine Snape's Guilt?

It's weird seeing his memories and knowing that he was helplessly in love with Lily. Can you imagine the guilt he feels now that she's gone and it's his fault?


Again, When Are People Going To Start Explaining Things To Harry?

They make him take these Occlumency lessons, but they don't tell him why they're important. So all Harry sees is that the visions help because they saved Arthur Weasley's life, not that Voldemort can put fake images in his mind, like the one that makes Harry think Sirius is in trouble. If they would just explain things to Harry, he wouldn't get so many people killed.


The Centaurs Are Kind Of Jerks

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I don't get why they're so angry at Hagrid for Grawp and why they hate that Firenze is teaching, but they're still going to help save everybody in the end. They're kind of pompous.


No, Harry, That Vision Isn't Real!

Ah, you're about to ruin everything, STOP IT!


Hermione With The Truth Bomb

Of course Voldemort is luring Harry to the Ministry. And this is all Fudge's fault for making Dumbledore leave and having no way for Harry to communicate with the Order.


This Is All Kind Of Sirius's Fault

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If he had treated Kreacher well, Kreacher may not have lied to Harry about where Sirius was and we could've solved this whole thing. Be nice to your house-elves, wizards. Let this be a lesson to you.


Why Does Harry Believe Kreacher Anyway?

Harry isn't Kreacher's master, so it's not like Kreacher has any obligation to him. You know Kreacher is a little sh*t, Harry, geez.


Now Let Snape Handle It, Harry

Harry tells Snape what's up, yet he still has to put everyone in danger by checking it out for himself. This kid . . .


Hermione Is A Genius

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That whole weapon thing with Grawp? Very nice. And there are few things more satisfying than seeing the centaurs drag off Umbridge.


Foreshadowing Of The Thestrals

Soon, all of you will be able to see these thestrals you're riding on, and that's kind of heartbreaking.


How Does Ron Find The Prophecy So Fast?

Literally, they are there for like ten seconds and Ron's all, "Hey mate, this one's got your name on it." He must be a champ at Where's Waldo.


More Foreshadowing With The Prophecy

I love that Neville and Harry are the only ones left to protect the prophecy and fight off the Death Eaters at the end, especially since the prophecy could've been about Neville just as much as it was about Harry.


UGH, Here It Comes

I hate Bellatrix Lestrange. I hate her, I hate her, I hate her.


Shut Up, Fudge

This is all your stupid fault. Get out of here.


Oh, NOW You Explain Everything, Dumbledore

Seriously, for these wizards to be the greatest of all time, they're pretty thick in the head.


I Wish Harry Could Stay With Lupin Now

I know that Harry is safe with the Dursleys, but geez. I wish he could just stay with Lupin all summer now.


BRB, Got To Have A Good Cry Now

I'll never be emotionally prepared for this ending. Never.