9 Actually Funny Pregnancy Halloween Costumes — No Nuns Included

Halloween is the best holiday for people who enjoy dressing up, because pretty much anything goes. But if you're expecting a little one, you might find the maternity Halloween costume selection a bit limiting to your tastes. Seriously: the whole pregnant nun thing has been done, right? What else is out there? For a fresh take, some actually funny pregnancy Halloween costumes will put you back in the spirit of the season. These looks are cute, silly, and unlikely to make you cringe in a few years.

Like any other costume choice, these maternity Halloween costumes can be as chill or elaborate as you choose. For some moms-to-be, putting on a funny maternity shirt is enough work. If you're really into costumes, though, pregnancy doesn't have to limit your creativity at all. If pre-made costumes are your jam, many store-bought maternity Halloween costumes are actually pretty great. Plus, if you want to go the DIY route, the options are endless. Whether you want to put a maternal spin on classic movie monsters, or use the chance to make fun of silly pregnancy stereotypes, let your inner costume designer shine. Remember: it's technically your kid's first Halloween, so make it a good one.


Mother Of Dragons

Create the easiest Dany costume ever. Start with a mother of dragons maternity shirt ($25, Etsy), then throw on a maternity maxi skirt ($29, Amazon). To add a little more flair, get a medieval queen wig ($11, Amazon). You're set to be queen for the night.


Bun In The Oven

Go literal with your look this year. The bun in the oven costume ($39, Amazon) is a lightweight getup that's easy to wear. It's a super cute idea if you want to surprise friends and family with news of your pregnancy.


The Baby Fairy

Pregnancy can be such a magical time (aside from the constant need to pee). Reflect these feelings with a fairy maternity costume ($64, Halloween Express). It's a fun way to dress your glowing, growing body for the holiday.


Full Moon

Go as the moon itself. Start with a full moon maternity t-shirt ($30, Cafe Press), then add some star maternity leggings ($95, Electric Yoga). Lastly, crown yourself with a hair chain moon ($8, Amazon). For a next-level costume, have a friend or partner dress up as a werewolf.


Momma Frankenstein

This costume can be as chill or high-concept as you like. Throw on a baby Frankenstein maternity shirt ($6+, Amazon). You can add some jeans and call it a night, or take things a few steps further. A monster bride wig ($12, Amazon) and some Frankenstein make-up ($10, Amazon) really sell the look.



Dress as a magical pumpkin. The pumpkin pie costume ($14, Amazon) is roomy enough to fit your bump, and about as Halloween-y as costumes can get. Plus, the fun tendrils are a nice touch.


Stock Photo Pregnant Lady

OK, so this idea borrows liberally from Steph Montgomery's look at weird pregnancy stock photos here on Put your own spin on these stereotypes. Start with a basic maternity dress ($55, Pink Blush Maternity), then tie a floral maternity sash ($19, Amazon) into a giant bow around your belly. Drape a white lace night gown ($23, Amazon) over your outfit. You might not have any nearby fields of wildflowers to lounge in, so make do with a flower crown headband ($45, Etsy).


Maternity Skeleton

Are you in the mood for a grab and go costume? The maternity shirt and leggings skeleton ($63, Etsy) is creepy, adorable, and easy all at once. Plus, you can repurpose them as pajamas when Halloween is over.



Roomy costumes are where it's at this Halloween. The women's bumblebee costume ($18, Amazon) is also completely adorable. Just look at the antennae and the stinger.

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