9 Back To School Resources For Low-Income Families

Though I'm not a parent, I remember the stress that my mom and dad went through when it was time for us to go back to school. With three growing children, there was so much money that had to be spent just to ensure that we each had what we needed to start the school year off properly. Though my family wasn't technically low-income y parents weren't technically low-income, sales and low price points were definitely something they strived to find. However, with the growing list of things that are needed each year, having back to school resources for low-income families to help relieve that financial stress that many parents encountered is so necessary.

With many of my close friends either being teachers or having children, I've seen the stresses of what back to school supplies can do. A few years ago, I had a close friend who was in between jobs and had two children just starting school. Since the children's father was not in the picture, everything fell on her. It was very hard for her to get all that they needed at the start of the year, but things got easier once located all of the resources that were available to families who were of low income. Through the help of our community, she was able to send both of her children to school with all of the required supplies, and in the required uniforms.

No matter the reason why you may need a little extra help this year, this list of nine resources can help you and your kids start the school year off awesomely.


Check Your Newspaper For Back To School Specials

If you happened to miss tax-free weekend for your state, still be sure to check your newspaper for any coupons or special sales for back to school.


Locate Local Backpack Drives

If you're in need off a backpack for your child this year, browse Facebook and other social media communities to locate the nearest back to school backpack drive. Sometimes, they even stock them with supplies or toiletries.


Scope Out School Supply Drives

Communities will organize back to school supply drives in order to give out free supplies to children and families in need.


Check For Back To School Specials At Your Local Barbershop Or Hair Salon

Throughout the years, I've noticed that hair stylists and barbers will offer specials on back to school cuts and styles. If you're looking for a deal to cut costs on your back to school 'dos for the kiddies, be sure to check around for the best deals.


Inquire With Your School District noted that some states require public school districts to supply necessary supplies to children in need. Be sure to check with your child's district to see if this applies to you.


Check Craigslist

Not only does Craigslist give you the opportunity to purchase things at a low price point, there is also a section dedicated to strictly free stuff. You never know what you'll find.


Head To Goodwill

Whether you're looking for uniforms to dress your kids in or just searching for a way to keep them stylish on a budget, thrift stores like Goodwill are always a good option.


Join Online Communities

According to, joining a Yahoo or Google+ group can help you locate supplies that you need for your children. And, if you're looking to start a group, you can do that there too.


Check With Your Church

Many churches offer numerous ways to help low income families throughout the year. Check with your church to see if they offer any type of assistance for back to school.