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9 Best Positions For Quickies, Because You Don't Always Have Time For Foreplay

by Jill Di Donato

You're busy, I get it. Who isn't? But you don't have to let your sex life suffer as a result of your crazy schedule. In fact, some of the best positions for quickies are awesome because they let you get off without all the time consuming and emotionally draining side-effects of lovemaking.

Don't get me wrong, I like romance. But I also like to be practical. And quickie sex is better than no sex, right? Not to mention it can also be totally hot. Often times, quickies go down at a friend's party, in a restaurant bathroom, or on a transatlantic flight (give it up to the mile high club). And what's even hotter than having an orgasm while everyone else is going about their business, is knowing you've gotten away with it.

A word of advice for those attempting quickie sex. Sure, sometimes it's spontaneous. But other times, a little planning can help your quickie go off without a hitch. For example, you can get yourself in the mood with a sex toy and send your SO a steamy text before the actual deed goes down, suggested Women's Health. And if you're planning on doing it outdoors, be sure to dress for the occasion (might I suggest a dress with no undies). So, if you're planning on making it happen, here are some of the best positions for quickie sex.


Doggy Style

Another article in Women's Health suggested Doggy Style as a go-to quickie position. Why? Well, just about every man on Earth can get off this way, and with the right reach-around, lube, or sex-toy stimulation, so can you.


Pleasure Pick-Me-Up

It's impossible to think about quickies and not think about doing it smack up against a wall. In Cosmopolitan UK's Pleasure Pick-Me-Up, your guy leans against the wall and picks you up. Wrap your legs around his waist and bounce up and down at your desired pace. If you don't get off on his Tarzan-like frame supporting you, the thrusts into your vaginal wall will do the trick.


Standing Sex

There are a ton of ways to have standing sex, and many venues in which to have it. It's primal, carnal, and taboo. All of which can help make you climax in no time whatsoever.


Stand And Deliver

A little bit more complicated than standing sex, the Stand and Deliver made Cosmopolitan UK's list of best quickie positions. It puts you in control, with your back against the wall, and your legs wrapped around your guy. For a quick climax, clench your muscles to feel all the good feels.


Missionary With A Twist

Cosmopolitan noted that if you lift a leg or two up during missionary, you'll be particularly "open," literally and figuratively. Not only will this help you reach orgasm quickly, it will drive your SO wild, because in this position, you relinquish control. For busy ladies, this might just be the submissive release you need as well.


Seated Girl On Top

This is your basic girl on top position, except you're both sitting up. I'm sure the Kama Sutra has a fancy name for this one, but, let's face it, this position is ideal for car sex, and there's nothing fancy about that. Sexy, totally.



Self noted that sideways sex (also known as 66) is like spooning, but with penetration. Because you're not facing your partner, you won't waste time kissing and fondling, but rather you'll get into formation, like STAT.



XOJane called 69 the worst sex position, but I totally disagree. In fact, I'm quite a fan, especially for quickie sex. I mean, how efficient is double oral sex? It is quite efficient. And hot. Dim the lights if you feel self-conscious. Or switch it up so you're sitting on his face and can control the depth of oral penetration that you give your partner. For me, it's a win, win.



Lotus is a more intimate variation on sex position number six, and a bit classier, namely because it's derivation comes from yoga, noted Fitness. Not only is the face-to-face sex ridiculously hot, ladies who are pressed for time don't have to worry about making it to the gym after this one. You're giving everything south of your waist a workout. That's what I call efficiency.