15 Reasons Why Everyone Should Try Standing Sex At Least Once

Look, I'm a woman who has a hard time getting out of bed at any time of day, even if there's sex involved. But, I'm resolving to be less lazy, especially because I've been dying to try standing sex. Whether you spend all day at a desk or on your feet, standing sex is an experience that really does make you weak in the knees, (or so I've heard). Reasons to try standing sex at least once include fulfilling my fantasy, and maybe your own. About 95 percent of people have sexual fantasies, reported Women's Health. Do you share my fantasy of standing sex? If so, it's a pretty one easy one to act out.

You've watched your favorite actors do it on-screen and make it look totally hot. But you don't need a Hollywood set to have mind-blowing standing sex. All you need is a little creativity, a willing partner, and perhaps a pair of heels (or footstool). As a vertically challenged person, I'll admit, one of the dilemmas of standing sex occurs when there's a dramatic difference in height between you and your partner. But, if you're a short girl, there are tricks to solve the ergonomics of standing sex.

If you've always wanted to try this sex act but are having reservations, it's time to let them go. Because nothing should stand in the way of your fantasy.

It's Awesome Non-Missionary Face-To-Face Intimacy

Not that there's anything wrong with just liking missionary, after all, missionary sates your craving for face-to-face intimacy during sex. But sometimes you desire a position that lets your partner know you can't wait to get in bed. Like Cosmopolitan suggested, standing sex delivers both urgency and eye-gazing.

It's Laundry Day

Dirty sheets, no problem. No bed required for standing sex.

It's Carnal

There's something primal about standing sex, that according to Cosmopolitan's research, drives men wild. Of course, being carnal with your partner turns you on as well. But there's also nothing wrong with wanting to please your partner. With standing up sex, you can do both. Recommendation: try standing up oral, and have your partner go down on you.

It's Better That Squats To Work Your Quads & Hamstrings

Peruse Shape's six-minute workout for strong quads and hamstrings. Now incorporate the tips while trying standing sex. You'll be multitasking with one big O as a payoff.

It Tells Your Partner You're Up For Anything

In a Men's Fitness article about what your favorite position says about you for, sex therapist Ava Cadell said standing sex conveys the message that you're a "mischievous lover who gets a thrill out of getting caught, and wants to have as much fun as possible with little regard of the consequences." Sound like you? If not, why not give it a try? You've got nothing to lose by your inhibitions.

It's Perfect For A Quickie

In the mood, but on the go? Standing sex is ideal for a quickie, that's super passionate, noted Cosmopolitan. Bonus: you don't even have to undress. As Jay Z said in "Drunk In Love" all you got to do is "slide those panties to the side." See, fast can be super hot.

It's An Ancient Practice, According To The Kama Sutra

Standing sex is depicted in the ancient palaces of India, according to the Kama Sutra. Talk about getting the royal treatment.

It's Perfect For If You Have A Crick In Your Neck

If you spend most of the day hunched over a computer, or you hold your tension in your neck, the last thing you want to do is aggravate your sore body during sex, a time to let go and relax. Men's Fitness noted that standing sex is ideal if you have a crick in your neck.

It's Recommended For An Aching Back

An aching back begs for a release of tension with a romp in the sack. But you don't want to put pressure on your spine when having sex. The solution? The previously mentioned Men's Fitness article said it's standing sex.

It Allows You To Do It In The Kitchen

Countertops are good for more than prepping a delicious meal. They help provide support when having standing sex. A bonus of doing it in the kitchen: easy access to props and post-sex snacks, so you don't have to store your grub in your nightstand.

It Allows You To Do It In Public Places, Like A Doorway

If sex in public is your thing, or something you'd like to try, why not give standing sex a whirl? Doorways make the perfect local for doing it in public. Just don't get caught.

It Allows You To Do It In Public Without Showing Your Face

Standing up doggie is ideal for doing it in a doorway, and keeping your face hidden from public view. All you need is a willing partner, with a bone.

It Makes You Feel Like You're In An NC-17 Rated Movie

Live out your favorite on-film standing sex scene. Recreate with your partner, though it's OK if you're thinking about your Hollywood crush.

It Can Get You Tight Down There, Which Means A Big O

According to the earlier Cosmopolitan article, you will get really tight in your vaginal canal as you squeeze your thighs together in the standing position. The friction not only feels good to your partner, but will help you climax.

It's Forbidden... So That Means It's Hot

Because standing sex is not in the traditional place for coitus, like the bed, it's super hot. According to Psychology Today, if you don't release your forbidden thoughts, they can "wreak havoc" on your mental health. So, go ahead and try standing up sex at least once.