9 Best Apps To Teach Your Kids About Science
by Sarah Bunton

If your parenting style is anything like mine is, then you're probably raising your child in the hopes that they will love learning and, in turn, will have all the tools for success later in life. But, back here in reality, all the best child-rearing plans and how-to books in the world can't always account for the curve balls life often throws you when it comes to sufficiently satisfying your child's curiosity. That's why it can be so helpful to make use of some of the best apps to teach your kid about science — and nurture that little seed of knowledge to fully flourish and bloom.

Despite not even being in kindergarten yet, my son is already better than I am at navigating most technological gadgets. In our house, it's not uncommon to walk into a room and find that he's already turned the television on and started his favorite DVR episode of Bubble Guppies (it's the "Glitter Games" episode, in case you were wondering). Sound familiar? Then it only makes sense that us parents should take advantage of our child's budding interest in screen time and use it to make early education fun, effective, and easy for little ones to understand. So check out some of these apps that are perfect for teaching your little scientist all about the world around them.


Khan Academy

Khan Academy (Free, Google Play, iTunes)

If you've never heard of this organization before, Khan Academy is essentially a free learning resource with tutorials, tips, and follow-along videos from actual teachers. Now, you can access all of the amazing features through the official Khan Academy app.


Toca Lab: Elements

Toca Lab: Elements ($3 Google Play, iTunes)

With its Dr. Seuss-like world of wonder, Toca Boca has various apps, but this one is particularly perfect for your little one to learn all about science. In Toca Lab: Elements, your kiddo can tinker with all sorts of ingredients to create fantastic concoctions.



NASA (Free, Google Play, iTunes)

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (better known as NASA), has kept the dream of space exploration alive for nearly half a century. Always one to keep up with the times, NASA has an app which is extensive, educational, and filled with cool galleries and simulators.


Weather by TinyBop

Weather by TinyBop ($3, Google Play, iTunes)

Your little one can make almost any weather scenario come to life with this artistic and engaging app from TinyBop, Inc. From learning to recognize the signs that bad weather is approaching to creating and playing inside your own virtual cloud, this app has something for everyone.


Plum's Creaturizer

Plum's Creaturizer (Free, Google Play, iTunes)

Another fun app featuring a character from PBS is Plum's Creaturizer. As the name implies, your child gets to design a unique creature and, for the subtle educational part, they can also learn about where an animal might live based on recognizing certain body parts or structures (like wings would indicate the creature can fly).


PhET Simulations

PhET Simulations ($1, iTunes, Google Play)

Straight from the brilliant minds at the University of Colorado Boulder is the Physics Education Technology (PhET) Simulations app that will teach them (and probably also you, too) a thing or two about physics.


BrainPOP Featured Movie

BrainPOP Featured Movie (Free, Google Play, iTunes)

On a regular rotation with new items added often, the BrainPOP Featured Movie app lets your child select and view a short video about the scientific topic of their choosing. At the end of the movie, they can take a quiz and track their points and scores. Additionally, BrainPOP offers a wide variety of resource material on a broad range of school subjects.


National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids (Free, iTunes)

Basically an interactive version of the popular magazine, the National Geographic Kids App lets your child explore everything from what living on Mars would be like to the colorful world of international flags.


Explorium: Ocean For Kids

Explorium: Ocean For Kids (Free, Google Play, iTunes)

One part kids' adventure story and one part scientific facts about oceanography, the Explorium: Ocean For Kids app will have your kid hooked (get it?) on discovering the mysteries of the deep.

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