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9 Beyonce Fashion Tips, Because Bey Is A Style Bae

The only thing I love more than belting out Beyoncé tunes at the top of my lungs is... okay, nothing. But in the months leading up to the Formation World Tour, I'm taking it upon myself to #belikebey. I settled on my personal style a while ago, and to be honest, I feel boring. I've got a formula, and I rarely stray from it. But if you think I'm going to be strutting up to the Formation World Tour in my weekend uniform of jeans and a t-shirt, think again. I'm hitting my closet with Beyoncé fashion tips in the hopes of shaking things up. Not to mention embracing all the Beyoncé life hacks I can in order to reach my highest potential.

Queen Bey is a style chameleon, sliding effortlessly between on- and off-duty styles, and seemingly have perfected everything from music video chic to date night chill. While I'm not planning on starring in any music videos any time soon (unless Bey extends an invitation, in which case, I'm totally game), I am planning on making more of an effort in my day-to-day style. It might seem like emulating Bey's style is next to impossible for someone who's not a celebrity, but guess what? It's totally doable! By taking a few of Bey's style commandments and applying them to everyday life, you too can #belikebey.


Show Off Your Curves

Bey is unafraid to highlight her bodacious booty, and makes no apologies for it. Taking a note from Queen Bey, try and choose more form fitting pieces to show off your womanly curves. Because curves are beautiful, and you should be flaunting them!


Accentuate The Positive

Bey knows what she's got, and what she's got is legs for days. Homegirl rocks mini dresses and skirts left and right, showing off those gams. Have great legs? Take your hemline up a notch. Fantastic arms? Go sleeveless. Take what you love about yourself and highlight it.


Avoid The Matchy-Matchy

Oh, Destiny's Child. Who could forget the disastrous and magical matching outfits these girls wore throughout the years? Yes, even Beyonce makes mistakes. And this head to toe matching era is a mistake we can all learn from.


Don't Be Afraid To Go Big

If there's one thing Bey knows how to do, it's how to go big. Whether it's with volume, or with a statement piece, take a note from the Queen and go boldly where you may never have gone before.


Embrace The Rainbow

Don't be afraid of color! Though you may be comfortable with black, and navy, and grey, and white... these colors do not a glorious rainbow make. Start slowly with a color or two, to and then add in more as you get comfortable with them!


Try New Things

Push your own style boundaries. (Ahem, I'm talking to myself here.) Don't be afraid to try a new style if it's something you love, but feel is outside of your comfort zone. After some trial and error, you'll find a way to work new pieces into your personal style in a way that meshes easily. Bey is always pushing style boundaries, and more often than not, it pays off.


Elegance Never Goes Out Of Style

When in doubt, hop on the elegance train. You'll never regret looking glamorous as hell, and Queen Bey is no stranger to this.


Good Accessories Are Gamechangers

From shoes to hats to hoops, Bey's got a closet full of game-changing accessories. A floppy hat can take jeans and a t-shirt to the next level. A pair of killer heels can take any outfit to incredible heights.


You Don't Always Have To Take Your Mother's Advice

Tina Knowles, stylist, did quite a bit of Bey's styling in the early years. It served her well, but post-Destiny's Child, Bey branched out on her own. Although you can always take your mother's advice into consideration, don't feel the need to let your mom dress you. Unless she's your style icon, in which case, raid her closet, stat.