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9 Beyonce Valentine's Day Memes For The Queen Bey In Your Life

After dropping a fresh single and blowing the Super Bowl halftime show out of the water, Beyoncé is on everyone's mind. To say she's powerful would be an understatement, and to say I'd like to spend Valentine's Day with her might be a little stalkerish. (Seriously though, if someone could arrange that, I could die a happy woman.) But because I'm pretty sure that's never going to happen, I'll have to console myself with an abundance of Beyoncé Valentine's Day memes. I mean, what better way to spend V-Day than figuring out how to buy Formation World Tour tickets while simultaneously staring at her beautiful face.

And I know I'm not the only one who'd like to spend Feb. 14 with Beyoncé. We are a nation ob(ey)sessed. (OK, I might've taken that one too far.) I mean, the woman dropped Red Lobster in a verse and their sales went up 33 percent. What other singer has that sort of sale slaying power? If you don't have anyone to take to Red Lobster this weekend or gift a bottle of hot sauce to, feel free to kick back with "Formation" on repeat and enjoy the greatest gift the Internet has to offer — Beyoncé-themed Valentine's Day memes.


I Can't Even Find A Guy I Like

Because Queen Bey is luckier than I am, and I feel this meme on a deep level.


BeyonSAY U Love Me

This morphed Bey face is a little terrifying, but tell me you didn't want to yell the message at the top of your lungs when you read it.


For Your Personal Beyonce

Everyone has that one friend who thinks they're the Bey of the friend group, right? This meme is perfect to pass along to them.Watermelon, Watermleon


Watermelon, Watermelon

Wink, wink, Valentine. Get saucy with the help of Queen Bey.


Red Lobster Valentine

I expect Red Lobster's reservations will be way, way up this Valentine's Day.


Be My 7/11 Valentine

So many glorious Bey references in one cartoon, who wouldn't love this card?


Kanyoncé Mashup

In this instance, Kanye is not wrong.


Red Lobster, Pt. 2

Lay it out for your Valentine and tell them how it is. And then take them to Red Lobster.


Single Lady

You don't have to be a single lady this Valentine's Day, but don't forget that you don't have to feel bad about being a single lady this Valentine's Day either. #feminism