9 'Breaking Bad' Halloween Costume Ideas To Inspire You Post-'El Camino'

With the new Breaking Bad movie, El Camino, now on Netflix, everything is feeling very 2013 again. Which means — yes — a resurgence of people trick-or-treating in yellow hazmat suits. Below, I give you nine amazing Breaking Bad Halloween costume ideas.

Remember 2013? Obama was still prez. The song "Blurred Lines" blasted in every H&M across the land. Kris Jenner had just separated from a man named Bruce. And Walter White finally ended his career as America's favorite purveyor of crystal meth.

I personally adored Heisenberg and Pinkman and their zany meth-dealing hijinks. Whenever "Baby Blue" rolls around on my iTunes I make sure to pause and nostalgically remember what a fantastic show it was. Like many fans, I was nervous about how El Camino would hold up against the rest of the series. I shan't say anything here, as I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't watched yet, but I am happy to say that Jesse doesn't wake up to discover he is actually now part robot, reconstructed in a lab by Walter. Nor does he wake up and discover that he actually is Walter, and Walter only existed in his imagination the entire time. So no need to worry about either of those scenarios.

But back to the fun costume ideas! I've rounded up some homemade get-ups as well as some ready-mades. Note: I do discourage you from dressing your small child as a mini-Walt. While the allure of putting one's kid in a pork pie hat can be quite strong, not everyone is on board with babies posing as meth dealers. If you've already in fact purchased a child-sized pork pie, well, you could always make them carry around a high-backed wooden chair and tell everyone they're a little Frank Lloyd Wright? I mean what toddler doesn't love organic architecture?


Hazmat Suit & Mask

The classic. Because any decent meth-maker needs protective gear when cooking with benzene. This zip-up suit and mask from is perfect for looking like you just stepped out of your makeshift lab. Though word of warning: as this is 2019, and not 2013, be prepared to be confused with someone from HBO's Chernobyl.


Heisenberg Fabric Mask

If you wish to actually wear Walter White's face, this pull-on mask is a handy, inexpensive option from Walmart. While the fabric's stretchy quality may make you look like Walt after he used a little too much acetone, at least it's more affordable than this $1300 silicone Walt mask available from Etsy.

Halloween aside, the fabric mask could also be excellent for role-playing. Should you have a partner who has long fantasized about making love to Bryan Cranston while his face melts off.


El Camino Pinkman

This site offers a full breakdown of everything one could possibly need to be television's most emotionally sensitive drug dealer, right down to some hideous temporary tribal tattoos. But if you prefer to go for El Camino Jesse, which is perhaps a more clever take on the character, you could always throw on this wig and beard, smear your face with dirt, and add a few carefully placed cheek scars to recreate Pinkman right after his big escape.


Gustavo Fring

One of the most notorious (and terrifying) characters from the show was the ice cold businessman/sociopath Gustavo Fring. This costume comes with a very Gus-esque jacket, as well as a mock shirt and tie. It also has some faux-gore and adhesive to throw on one side of your face, should you wish to depict Gus after his fateful visit to the nursing home.


Pollos Hermanos Customer

If comfort is paramount, why not dress as one of the loyal customers at Gustavo Fring's beloved fast food chicken joint? Get yourself one of these Los Pollos Hermanos tees and carry around some of this fake fried chicken. Done!



The streets are sure to be full of Walts and Pinkmans. Why not go a different route, and dress up as Hank? Throw on this super cheap bald cap from Walmart, a fake badge, and this ugly short-sleeve shirt. For added effect, carry around a copy of Leaves of Grass and look furiously angry and confused.


Old School Walter White

If you really want to go for the nostalgia factor, and are also exceptionally lazy, why not depict Walt in the very first episode of the show? Slip into some white briefs, a green button down shirt, and a pair of glasses, and you're ready to go stand on your neighbor's porch and ask for some fun-size Twix.


Skinny Pete

Another fan favorite was of course Skinny Pete — Jesse's longtime friend and drug runner. It doesn't spoil anything to say that Skinny Pete plays a somewhat pivotal role in El Camino, which makes a Skinny Pete costume very of-the-moment. It's also a crazy easy costume to put together: black hoodie, baggy black jeans, and a gray tank top. The piece de resistance, of course, is the black beanie hat. And you can even iron on a white eagle, which can be easily procured from Amazon.



Or you could forget the characters altogether, and go as the true star of the show: crystal meth! Shimmy into this blue bodysuit, then grab a clear garbage bag and cut out some armholes and a head hole. Fill the bag with blue ping pong balls, or packing peanuts, or maybe just steal some blocks from your kid's Imagination Playground set. Cinch the bag at the bottom, and there you go! You're a bag of Walt's trademark treat: Blue Sky.