9 Celebrity's Body Positive Lessons For Their Kids

People can learn a lot from celebrities, but it's not always about being graceful when the world is watching or handling the pressure of the cameras. Instead, many celebrities are sharing their ideas of being body positive in an effort to inspire the world that you can love who you are, regardless of what society says. And those who are parents? Well they are sending the good outlook to their kids. Some celebrities' body positive lessons for their kids are worth more than all the money they're making from those movies and endorsements combined.

Whether a mom just recently gave birth or had her last baby a decade ago, being body positive is a huge thing for parents to focus on. I've always had a fairly positive body image, but I'll be the first one to call out my flaws when looking in a mirror or toss a dress with a comment about how it "makes me look fat." That all stopped when I looked in the mirror and noticed my own daughter watching me. Even though she couldn't understand what I was saying, that was all the motivation I needed to start teaching her some lessons about being body positive so she would always know to love herself.

It feels like a heavy burden, but it's easier than you think. These nine celebrity's body positive lessons for their kids are a great place to start and will make you think twice about a disparaging remark on your own body.


You Are Who You Are

Kelly Clarkson has dealt with more body criticism than most celebrities, but the lessons she's sharing publicly will empower all of her children. In an appearance on Ellen, Clarkson said she believes, "we are who we are, whatever size. And it doesn't mean that we're gonna be that forever." Her words will definitely be a great lesson for her children who will learn to accept their bodies as they are and not let themselves get bogged down by their weight, body image, or critics.


Wear What You Want & Own It

Back in 2015, Pink defended herself on Twitter against critics claiming she looked fat in a dress she wore for a friend's benefit. Her tweet says it all and I can't help but imagine how great of a lesson her words are for her daughter. Pink wrote that she wasn't worried about what anyone thought of her because she thought she looked pretty in the dress and felt beautiful. Powerful words that are simple to remember, especially for her daughter — wear what you want and own it.


Remind Yourself Of What Your Body Is Capable Of

It's easy to get caught up in society's desperate need for perfect postpartum bodies, but it's even easier to forget that your body did something amazing. Kristen Bell decided to focus on her postpartum attributes by describing her postpartum body after daughter Lincoln's birth as "Lincoln leftovers" and shared with the whole world that she loved her body because it's proof that she did something extraordinary. How perfect is that for her daughters to hear?


Your Stretch Marks & "Flaws" Are More Than OK

Lots of moms may preach being body positive, but they still have their own insecurities that can be hard to get over. Chrissy Teigen broke that mold by sharing pictures of her own stretch marks on social media, according to Refinery29. By sharing her body in its real glory, the new mom and supermodel is telling her daughter to love yourself and that any "flaw" you think you have is still worth celebrating and not being ashamed of it.


Embrace Yourself

Singing powerhouse Jennifer Hudson has lost 80 pounds since her debut on American Idol, according to The Huffington Post, making her a champion of health, wellness, and loving yourself. Hudson has been vocal about her positive body image and noted that she wants people to know that they have to embrace themselves and love what skin they're in. She isn't focused on society's standards, but her own, and fully believes that as long as you love yourself and are happy, then everything is right with the world. A great lesson for her own kiddo to hear and use when dealing with his own body image.


Your Body Is Your Body

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Back in 2012, Will and Jada Pinkett Smith's daughter Willow cut her hair and the parents offered an explanation as to why they let her make that choice. According to The Frisky, Smith said that this was their way of teaching Willow that she's in control of her own body and that she can make her own decisions about her body, style, and what she wants to do to it. Incredibly refreshing and it's also a great lesson in consent as well as positive body image.


Love & Appreciate Your Body

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Everybody loves Bryce Dallas Howard, but knowing that she's a mother of two makes me love her even more, especially when she talks about a positive body image. According to Bustle, Howard said that her body is her best friend and that no body parts are junk, but are all beautiful and worth loving.


Beauty Comes From Within

All hail Queen Bey. In an interview with Teen Vogue a few years ago, Beyoncé said that she believes beauty comes from within and that the lesson was learned from her own mother. She also mentioned that confidence and security goes a long way in feeling beautiful. So you do you, Blue Ivy. Your mom said you should own it, OK?


Make Up Your Own Body Image Standards

Kim Kardashian West is a lot of things and body positive is one of them. While society may oppose her love for her body and showing off her curves as inappropriate, she isn't standing for it. On her own website, Kardashain wrote that having a positive body image is a responsibility she owns because of her daughter and that she knows how important it is for North to see Kim loving herself and the body she's in.