9 Kids Halloween Costumes You Can Get For Under $15

If you ask any kid they're bound to tell you that trick-or-treating is the best part about Halloween. Of course, they can't take part in this sugar-fueled tradition without donning a great Halloween costume. That said, this is a costume that they'll wear for one night and only for a few hours. Is it really worth spending a big chunk of change on? Probably not... and that's why these 10 cheap costumes for kids under $15 are ideal. At the end of the night, your wallet should be as full as your child's plastic jack-o'-lantern. (You know, the one you'll be stealing candy from for the next few weeks).

When I was a child, my cheapest costume was a pair of whiskers drawn on my face with my mom's eyeliner, paired with a black outfit I already owned. While I'm not knocking this very last minute DIY Halloween costume, there is something fun about getting a *real* costume just for Halloween. Even if, yes, you will only wear it once and stuff it in the back of your closet, never to be seen again.

Luckily, it's totally possible to buy an excellent costume without dropping $50. In fact, it's possible to find an incredible costume without even dropping $20! Though you'd never be able to tell by looking at them, each of the following costumes is all $15 or less. Throw in a few special extras (think face paint or curled hair), and you've got a perfect costume to show off on Halloween night.


Unisex Vampire Bat Costume

Smiffy Kids Unisex Vampire Bat Costume, $11, Amazon.

This unisex vampire bat costume is undeniably perfect for Halloween. The wings wrap around your child's neck and wrists to create perfect bat wings when they raise their arms. Pair it with an all black outfit, and your kid is more than ready for trick-or-treating.


King Costume

Kid's King Robe and Crown Costume, $9, Target.

Because obviously your child deserves a costume fit for a king. This costume from Target comes with the crown and robe, both complete with fur accents. It's perfect for Halloween, but just as great for dressing up on the other 364 days of the year!


Bumble Bee Costume

Bumble Bee Costume, $12, Target.

There's nothing easier than a one-piece costume. This bee bodysuit zips down the front and fits babies 12 to 24 months. Complete with wings and antennas, this costume only needs some shoes and you're all set.


Clown Costume

Value Priced Clown Costume, $12, Amazon.

You can't go wrong with a classic clown costume. This one from Amazon comes with the jumpsuit and hat (note that the wig and shoes are sold separately). Just add a red nose and cheeks with your brightest red lipstick!


Pink Bat Witch Costume

Girls' Bat Witch Halloween Costume, $10, Target.

Gone are the days when you simply wore a black cloak and called yourself a witch. This pink and black witch dress, complete with spider web details, satin bat-bows, and a sheer overlay, is equally spooky and sassy.


Magical Mermaid Costume

Magical Mermaid Costume, $15, Target.

This is what Halloween dreams are mermaid of! This adorable dress looks just like a mermaid tail, complete with glitter accents, a metallic "bikini" top, and sheer, flowing sleeves. This is ideal for an ocean-loving child.


Captain America Costume

Kids' Captain America Costume, $10, Target.

"The red and white and blue will come through" with this cool costume from Target. This Captain America costume comes with both the jumpsuit and iconic mask, and will make your little one feel like an absolute superhero.


Vet Costume

Pink Vet Halloween Costume (Medium), $9, Walmart.

This pink vet costume from Walmart is perfect for a little animal lover. Another perk? Scrubs are extremely comfortable, so there won't be any complaining about a too-tight or itchy costume!


Disney's Elsa Costume

Disney's Frozen Elsa Snow Queen Costume (Medium), $7, Amazon.

This Elsa dress has glitter sleeves and an organza overlay, and is sure to elicit many renditions of "Let It Go" during your trick-or-treating adventure. Consider yourself warned, parents.