9 Cheap Spider-Man Halloween Costume Ideas Because You Don't Have To Go Broke To Be A Hero

Halloween is only a few weeks away, and time is running out to get a killer costume. But you don't want an outfit that's going to break the bank. Each year people go overboard, spending ridiculous amounts of money for one night that, let's be honest, probably won't even remember. You could be spending your money on more important things, like catching the new Spider-Man movie in theaters. Surprisingly it doesn't take much to transform into a hero, and there are many cheap ways to create a Spider-Man costume.

Find some essential pieces for a Spider-Man costume and put it together yourself or find a version at any party store that works best for you. Luckily Spider-Man is so iconic that no matter how you choose to dress, everyone should be able to recognize your look whether you keep it simple with a logo tee and face mask or go all out with a makeup tutorial and a tight jumpsuit.

There's not much you need do to turn your spidey senses on. Maybe a yoga class to become more limber, or an hour on a trampoline to practice your sick jumps. Whatever it is that you do to transform, you are also going to need a recognizable Spider-Man costume. Here are some ideas that won't break the bank.


Spider-Man Skirt and Socks


Pulling off your own version of Spider-Man can be effortless. You just need a couple of pieces that will pull your look together. Like this Spider-Man top ($11, Amazon), blue metallic leggings ($10, Miss Selfridge), and some Marvel spidey logo socks ($7, Boxlunch), and you're transformed with less than $30.



Thank goodness onesies are a hot new trend of their own. You can find a Spider-Man onesie ($20, Target) at pretty much any deparment store. This costume will not only be the life of the party but it will be super comfy too, and might change your pajama game.


Spidey Dress


This flirty red Spider-Man printed skater dress ($20, Maykool), and these super cute blue booties ($20, Gamiss), is a unique way to transform into Spider-Man, while not having to give up your sense of style.


Spider-Girl Bodysuit

If you really want a spidey costume that takes your look to the next level this Spider-Girl bodysuit ($35, Cosplay) is it. Not only is it sexy, but this looks like a real Spider-Man costume. Put this on, and soon you will be swinging from buildings.


Logo Dress

Just finding something with the Spider-Man logo is enough for anyone to guess your costume. Pair this logo Spider-Man dress ($17, Walmart) with a killer make-up tutorial and you will be the hottest spidey at any party.




Sometimes accessories are all you need to pull off Spider-Man's look. Grab some Spider-Man gloves ($8, Amazon) and a mask ($15, Target). Wear all read to save some cash, or pick up a super cute red jumpsuit ($45, Pretty Little Thing) that you can wear again.


Baby Spider-Man

No matter how small your little ones are, dressing them up for Halloween is a must. Even though they have no idea what's going on, you are going to want something thats not only cool, but also comfy. This onesie ($10, Joy Kid Shop) is so cute.


Kid Spider-Man

This kids Spider-Man costume ( $10, Target) resembles the cartoon version of Spider-Man so much, it will make your kid's Halloween and dress up time, making them feel like the real deal.


Makeup Tutorial

And last but not least, you will need a killer Spider-Man painted face if you're not wearing a mask. Olga's Face & Body Art on YouTube will walk you through an easy step-by-step tutorial that will transformation you and your little one into a supernatural superhero.

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