9 Children's Book Halloween Costumes For All Bookworms To Enjoy

The list of places to draw inspiration from for Halloween is no small one. You can draw from pop culture, history, movies, celebrities, or even Halloween itself for you and your family's costumes. But one "genre" of costume that never gets old is children's book Halloween costumes. Think of all the stories you loved as a kid, and imagine seeing your own kids dressed up as some of the favorites you all know and love. There's nothing cuter.

These costumes are great for all ages, from baby to adult. Many can simply be purchased in a store — the simplest option if you're looking for a "one stop and done" type of suit. Others require a little bit of creativity and DIY magic to achieve the look.

Although it's impossible to make an exhaustive list of all of the possible costumes based on popular kid's books, this list gives parents a great starting point, whether you're looking for a character you grew up with or one your kid loves now. From Dr. Seuss to Maurice Sendak to J.M. Barrie, these classics span multiple generations, and including your child in the literary fun this Halloween will only ensure their love for these classics continues long after their candy is gone.



The Madeline books are beloved classics for children and adults alike and dressing your little one (or yourself) up as the French school girl is fairly simple.

You'll need a blue shift dress ($13, Kohls) with a Peter Pan collar (or you can DIY the collar with this tutorial from Pretty Providence), a yellow sun hat ($4, New Chic), a red bow or scarf ($5, Oriental Trading), white tights ($2, Children's Place) or long white socks, and a pair of black Mary Janes ($20, Payless).


Curious George

The simplest way to dress your little one up as the most inquisitive monkey is to buy a Curious George costume ($22, Target). If you'd like to dress as the man in the yellow hat to accompany your little George, all you'll need is a yellow sweater ($15, JC Penny) or shirt and a yellow hat ($23, Target). Unless you'd rather go all out and buy a full yellow suit ($40, Party City), then, by all means, do that.


Peter Pan

Although you could buy a Peter Pan costume, the ladies at A Beautiful Mess have made it super simple to DIY your own version. Make it a family affair with Wendy and the Lost Boys, too.


Max From 'Where The Wild Things Are'

Where the Wild Things Are is one of the most loved children's books of all time. Dressing your kids up as characters from the book is adorable and easy to do. For Max, you can buy a simple white suit and crown ($34, Spirit Halloween) or DIY your own version with this tutorial.

If your baby is more of a wild thing, you can buy them a costume ($40, Halloween Costumes) to match.


Olivia The Pig

The cutest pig in literary history makes an easy and adorable costume. You'll need a red dress ($18, Primary), black and white striped leggings ($8, Target), and some pig ears ($10, Party City) to add on top.


Harry Potter

Dress your kids as the boy who lived with a basic Harry Potter costume ($23, Walmart) perfect for any age or gender. You can also DIY the look with this tutorial.


Alice In Wonderland

Alice's costume from Alice in Wonderland is wonderfully easy to recreate at home. You'll need a blue dress ($16, Primary), a white apron ($25, Amazon), white tights ($2, Children's Place), black Mary Janes ($13, H&M), and a black headband ($7, Etsy).


Cat In The Hat

A classic Dr. Seuss book, The Cat in the Hat has been a common and easy costume for kids for decades. You can buy the full Cat in the Hat costume ($30, Spirit Halloween) or make it yourself with this tutorial from Desert Chica.



The Eloise books by Kay Thompson are full of mischief and a girl who always learns her lesson. Dressing up as Eloise is adorable and simple as well: all you need is a white button up ($8, H&M), a black skirt with suspenders ($23, Unique Vintage), white tights ($2, Children's Place), black Mary Janes ($13, H&M), and a red headband ($6, American Girl).

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