9 Chrissy Teigen & John Legend Couples Costumes, Because Love Is Real

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen should be everyone's favorite couple. They're goofy, great parents to their baby Luna, and seem to be crazy in love. Thanks to Chrissy's strong social media presence, the rest of the world is privy to daily peeks into John and Chrissy's day-to-day life and hilarity. (Seriously, she has almost eight million Twitter followers for a reason.) The more you know about the couple, the more necessary it seems to have some Chrissy Teigen and John Legend couples costumes ready for Halloween.

The best thing about the couple is that between (almost) winning at the Grammy's, attending celeb friends' pajama parties, and eating copious amounts of fried chicken and ramen, their outfit choices vary wildly. Lucky for us, that means they will undoubtedly be great sources of inspiration for couples costumes this Halloween. You and your partner can make a fool of yourselves in honor of John and Chrissy's goofy sides, or you can channel their elegant side and don your classiest red carpet clothes. The duo is so multifaceted that you and your SO can go whatever way you'd like to with it.

Make no mistake, this duo can't truly be replicated, but with these nine costumes inspired by Chrissy and John's most memorable looks, you and your significant other can come close this Halloween.


'Deep Fried Pajama Jammy Jam' Chrissy & John

This couple is not ashamed of their love of fried food (nor should they be!), and they made that very clear at Cash Warren's pajama-themed birthday party in January, which John named the "Deep Fried Pajama Jammy Jam." The good news is that it's super easy to get their look. All you need is a KFC onesie ($99, Scruffy Swanks) and a fried chicken onesie ($99, Scruffy Swanks) for your partner. Put your hair up in space buns, practice your sassiest poses, and you're set!


Breakup Chrissy & John

Remember that time John tried to break up with Chrissy and she straight up said no? What a classic Chrissy thing to do, and thank god she did! Recreate that moment with this simple and hilarious costume: wear plain t-shirts ($10 for two, Amazon). Your significant other should write the words, "I'd just be happier single right now," on their shirt, and yours should simply read, "No." This one's perfect for a last minute thrown together costume!


Ramen Chrissy & John

Chrissy recently joked on Twitter that the duo will be dressing as ramen flavor packets for Halloween this year. But honestly, with a fun-loving couple like them, I wouldn't be surprised if she was actually serious. If you and your partner both wear this ramen costume ($30, Amazon), who knows, you just might end up matching John and Chrissy on Halloween!


'All of Me' Chrissy & John

I just learned that John's song "All of Me" was written for Chrissy (I know I'm behind), and it made me love them even more as a couple. Channel their music video looks and loving embraces with your SO this Halloween.

For Chrissy:

Chrissy wears a cool black mesh suit ($37, ASOS) and messy, wet hair in the video. Easy.

For John:

John's look is super simple for this video, too. He rocks a plain gray t-shirt ($10, Kohl's) and the best singing voice.


Date Night Chrissy & John

If you'd like to look toward the couple's more refined and classy side as opposed to their funny side, look no further than their anniversary date night outfits.

For Chrissy:


Chrissy rocks over the knee black boots ($80, ASOS) and a black bodycon dress ($54, Lulus) with loose curls and show-stopping hoops ($40, Saks Fifth Ave).

For John:


John's long camel trench ($127, ASOS) is so stylish over a sleek all black outfit, but a little expensive, so unless you own a similar one or were planning on getting one already, this might not be the costume for you.


Food-Loving Chrissy & John

Nothing says 'love' quite like flexing your butt to prevent your partner from reaching your chicken wings... That's how the saying goes, right? This costume is super easy because you can't even see what John's wearing in this video. So your John can wear whatever swim trunks he'd like. You should wear a trendy black suit ($32, Amazon), reflective aviators ($8, Amazon), and a bold red lip. And carry a bucket of KFC, obviously.


Celebratory Chrissy & John

The best part of this photo is not Chrissy's unrelenting support of John's success (although that is heartwarming), but rather the caption, which reads "my baby got another honorary doctorate! I have a bunch too I just don't brag about all the time." Copycat their outfits for this post and hang a copy of that caption around Chrissy's neck to showcase the loving but joking nature of your relationship.

For Chrissy:

Pair this simple white shirt ($12+, Amazon) with a floral skirt ($37, Chic Wish), metallic clutch ($10, Amazon), messy top knot, and lots of snark.

For John:

Dress in graduation regalia ($80, Graduation Outlet) and look proud. After all you have "a bunch" of honorary degrees!


Lounging Parents Chrissy & John

I'm sure that both Chrissy and John are very busy people, what with being a supermodel and a famous musician and parents and all, but they certainly seem to spend a lot of time in pajamas and lounging. This is a trait I really admire in people, and you should embrace it this Halloween by copying one of their many "just lounging around the house" looks. This also would make a fun family costume if you have a little one who'd make a good Luna!

For Chrissy:

Find a copycat satin floral robe ($25, Pretty Robes) to get Chrissy's lounging look.

For John:

To get John's outfit, all you need is a fitted black t-shirt ($10, H&M) and some black striped shorts ($27, Lord and Taylor).


Sporty Chrissy & John (& Luna!)

It became clear that the entire family loves America's pastime when 1-year-old Luna threw out the first pitch at the Mariners' game in June. She couldn't throw it too far, but it's the effort that counts. For this costume, a little Luna is a must, so make this one a family costume. The first step is to grab Mariners hats ($22, MLB) for the whole family.

For Chrissy:


Chrissy rocked a slouchy off-the-shoulder top ($24, Urban Outfitters) with gray joggers ($45, Athleta), black booties ($25, Charlotte Russe), and big hoops ($18, Topshop). Braid back your hair and throw on an unbuttoned Mariners jersey ($80, MLB) to finish off the look.

For John:

John's Alexander McQueen sweatshirt ($31, Zaful) and ripped black skinny jeans ($50, H&M) brought some sophistication to a typical ballgame outfit.

For Luna:

Little Luna looked adorable in a tiny Mariners jersey ($27, Amazon), jeans, and baby Converse ($20, Journey's). Have her tote an empty Dubble Bubble bucket for candy.

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