9 Clever Stroller Halloween Costumes For Babies Who Be Rollin'

by Lindsay E. Mack

Halloween with your infant is tremendous fun, except for one obstacle: the stroller. How is everyone supposed to admire your kid's costume when she's tucked away in the buggy? By using ingenious stroller Halloween costumes, you can tote your tot around in style all evening. As a bonus, your hands are free for taking pictures or, more importantly, snacking on mini candy bars.

Making the stroller a part of the costume is not as complicated as it may seem. A few indie businesses sell adorable stroller covers that look like race cars or flower gardens, so you can build your kid's outfit around that theme. Or, if you're the crafty sort, a simple onesie, coordinating stroller blanket, and some accessories can turn your stroller into a rolling casino, owl's nest, or space shuttle.

In addition, stroller costumes are not that mainstream, so your kid's getup will stand out in a crowd. It's such a clever approach to Halloween for babies, you might start a new trend for the kids on your block. Whether your stroller costume transports your kid to a garden or a candy bowl, it's certain to create a memorable Halloween experience for your family. Plus, the stroller gives you plenty of extra room to store candy hauls.


Space Explorer

Astronaut Onesie Costume, $17, Amazon | Battery Star Lights, $12, Amazon | Star Print Stroller Blanket, $25, Amazon

Take your baby into space for the evening. First, get an astronaut onesie costume for the little one. Then wind some battery operated star lights around the stroller (out of baby's reach). Lastly, drape the stroller in a star print stroller blanket and you're ready for blastoff.


Garden Fresh

Flower Garden Baby Stroller Costume, $80, Etsy | Sunflower Halloween Costume, $25, Amazon | Light Up Flower Pinwheels, $40, Amazon |

Create a springtime vibe in the middle of Autumn. Start with a flower garden baby stroller costume. Next, pop baby in a sunflower Halloween costume. For extra flair, attach light up flower pinwheels to the stroller's handlebars. You'll have the freshest getup on the block.


Candy Bowl

Tootsie Roll Bunting Costume, $16, Amazon | Sweet Candy Pink Stroller Blanket, $44, Zazzle | Giant Fake Lollipop, $10, Amazon

Candy is the star of the holiday, so why not use it for costume inspiration? Start off with a Tootsie Roll bunting costume for the kiddo. Then add a sweet candy pink stroller blanket. Attach a giant fake lollipop to the stroller handles for a little extra pop.


Race Car Driver

Race Car Stroller Costume, $45, Stroller Costume | Race Car Driver Onesie, $12, Amazon | Red Race Car Teething Aid, $19, Amazon

Put the pedal to the metal. A red race car stroller costume kicks off the look. Next, put your kid in a cute race car driver onesie. Add in an automotive toy, such as the red race car teething aid to round out the look.


Pirate Ship

Pirate Ship Baby Stroller Costume, $65, Etsy | Baby Pirate Costume, $22, Amazon | Colorful Toy Parrot, $13, Amazon

Turn your stroller into a worthy vessel. Nab a pirate ship baby stroller costume. Next, dress your kid in an adorable baby pirate costume. Attach a colorful toy parrot to your handlebars and set sail.


Vegas Baby

Formal Tux Onesie, $13, Amazon | Green Visor Hat, $20, Amazon | Green Blackjack Table Felt, $13, Amazon | Giant Playing Cards, $8, Amazon

Take inspiration from this blackjack dealer baby on Babble. Adorable, right? To make your own version, dress your baby in a formal tux onesie and green visor hat. Drape a green blackjack table felt over a stroller tray. Let your baby play with some giant playing cards, or attach them all over the stroller.


Strawberry Patch

Strawberry Stroller Costume, $100, Etsy | Berry Cute Costume, $29, Amazon

For a super sweet costume, consider strawberries. Start with the hand-sewn strawberry stroller costume. Or, DIY a version with a green blanket and some felt strawberries! Next, put your little one in a berry cute costume. You're good to go.


Little Owlet

Owl Baby Costume, $30, Amazon | Brown Stroller Blanket, $20, Amazon | Brown Feather Boa, $7, Amazon

Turn your stroller into a cozy nest. Get an owl baby costume, then nestle baby in a brown stroller blanket. Drape a brown feather boa around the stroller's handlebars to add a little more avian flair.


Peas In A Pod

Pea in a Pod Infant Bunting Costume, $23, Amazon | Peas in a Pod Stroller Blanket, $33, Zazzle | Green Leaf Ribbon, $9, Amazon

This is the perfect getup for your own little sweet pea. Start with the pea in a pod infant bunting costume. Add in a peas in a pod stroller blanket. Wind some green leaf ribbon around the stroller's handlebars to complete the effect.

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