9 Easy Eggnog Recipes To Keep Your Holiday Spirits Bright (Including Some Vegan Options)

When I was a kid, eggnog sounded like this God-awful, thick, gloopy mixture that I imagined had the texture of mucus and tasted like egg yolks. Up to that point, my only frame of reference was Clark Griswold sipping it with Cousin Eddie in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, but I had also seen Gaston guzzle raw eggs in Beauty and the Beast, so I was fairly stumped at how grown-ups could sip it with glee. But now that I'm an adult (theoretically speaking) and understand the word 'booze' a little better, I'm all for some easy eggnog recipes to keep me warm this season.

I'm a big fan of seasonal things. Whether it's my latte or my beer, I like to keep drinks themed. Gingerbread ale? Yes please. Peppermint mocha latte? Yum. Eggnog? All December long, y'all. It is rich, creamy, and is basically dessert in a glass. I love that you can serve it alcohol-free for the littlest Griswolds in your family, or spike it when trying to deal with the stress of untangling the damn icicle lights in the freezing cold. Because you can't find it year-round, it's definitely one of those special treats and really brings on the Christmas feels. If you're like me, you're probably more apt to buy a carton in the store and doctor it up yourself, but these nine easy eggnog recipes also include some homemade versions for the Barefoot Contessas in the crowd. No matter how you make it, it's sure to help you sing "Jingle Bells" a little bit off-key and a whole lot louder. Cheers!


Eggnog Chai Smoothie

Using store-bought eggnog, this eggnog chai smoothie from Averie Cooks is a fun spin on the classic Christmas drink. Using a banana to add some texture and the option of adding liquor, you'll love sipping on this smoothie all season long.


Coconut Hazelnut Eggnog

Talk about a dessert you can drink! Kitchen Confidante has created an incredibly decadent coconut hazelnut eggnog recipe and one of its main ingredients? Hazelnut liqueur. Yum. Boozy deliciousness.


Homemade Eggnog

A classic, non-alcoholic version, this homemade eggnog from Mel's Kitchen Cafe is perfect for everyone in your family.


Peppermint Eggnog Milkshake

Um, Christmas in a glass? I think so. Sharing from The Merry Thought, this peppermint eggnog milkshake is a super simple and quick recipe, but doesn't skimp on your favorite tastes of the season.


Fiery Eggnog Martini

Want a boozy eggnog, but with a kick? Then you'll be all over this fiery eggnog martini from Back to Her Roots. The recipe calls for 100 proof cinnamon schnapps. Mmm. I can feel the warmth from this eggnog already.


Spiced Vanilla Soy Nog

Even the vegans can get down with the 'nog. Healthy Happy Life has a great recipe for a spiced vanilla soy nog that has all of the flavors of traditional eggnog and the same great, creamy texture. Perfect for those who want to pass on the milk and eggs.


Dairy-Free Eggnog

You don't have to be vegan to appreciate a dairy-free eggnog and The Healthy Foodie knows it. This recipe still uses eggs, but substitutes milk for almond milk and full fat coconut milk to give you more incredible flavors and the same creamy texture. It's also a super quick and easy recipe, so it's a win for everyone.


Chocolate Bourbon Eggnog

If you're anything like me, you stopped reading after chocolate and bourbon to fantasize about a cold, blustery day with both of those ingredients in your hands. But keep reading, because this chocolate bourbon eggnog from The Gouda Life is a recipe you do not want to miss. With chopped dark chocolate, bourbon, and a bit of rum, this might have to replace the milk waiting for Santa.


Buttersotch Bourbon Eggnog

I had to include another recipe from Back to Her Roots, because this butterscotch bourbon eggnog is just too good to pass up. With butterscotch schnapps, bourbon, and amaretto, it's a boozy dessert in a glass and easy to make in a huge batch for all of your friends. Go easy on Christmas Eve though. You don't want to put together that dollhouse if you're seeing double.

Images: Courtesy of The Healthy Foodie Giphy; Averie Cooks; Kitchen Confidante; Mel's Kitchen Cafe; The Merry Thought; Back to Her Roots; Healthy Happy Life; The Healthy Foodie; The Gouda Life; Back to Her Roots