9 Easy, Last-Minute Halloween Costumes For Everyone In Your Family

With Halloween coming up, now's the time to officially start getting excited. Unless you're like me and a total procrastinator — then it's time to panic and start looking for easy, last-minute Halloween costumes for everyone in your family. Because you know Target is out of witch hats and Buzz Lightyear costumes that'll fit a toddler.

Halloween shouldn't be a stressful time — it's all about having fun, being silly, and scoring a massive amount of candy. But when you are busy living your life, it's easy for Oct. 31 to sneak up on you. Between school drop-offs, homework, soccer practice, work meetings, cooking dinner, and keeping up with your DVR, who has time to spend behind a sewing machine creating the perfect Pinterest costume? Not to mention that hitting the Halloween section of any store right now is utter and complete chaos. Have you ever seen grown women fighting over the last bits of fake cobweb to create the perfect trick or treat atmosphere? It's not a pretty picture.

But don't worry, you can easily put together some last-minute Halloween costumes for everyone in your family, including your beloved pup. Whether you're going trick or treating or heading to a Halloween party, these nine costumes are super easy and cheap to throw together and will keep you in the holiday spirit.


For The Mom

Black Dress, $28, Target | Black Heel Boots, $50, JC Penney | Witch Hat, $6, Target | Broom Stick, $11, Amazon

Whether you're always nagging at the family to clean up their rooms or just like the idea of casting a spell or two, a witch costume is a perfect, easy thing to throw together for the mom in your family. You just need your favorite black dress, black boots, a witch hat, and a broom.


For The Dad

Superman T-Shirt, $16, Amazon | White Dress Shirt, $50, JC Penney | Black Tie, $10, Amazon | Black Pants, $30, H&M | Black Glasses, $8, Amazon

Superhero costumes can be expensive, but having the dad in your family dress as Clark Kent isn't. All he needs is a Superman t-shirt, a white dress shirt, black tie, black pants, and a pair of glasses.


For The Baby

Blue Gown, $9, Amazon | Red Pacifier, $7, Amazon | Blue Bow, $6, Amazon

Arguably the most famous baby in cartoon history also has a super easy costume to throw together for your own baby. Dress your littlest family member as Maggie from The Simpsons with a blue gown, a red pacifier, and a blue bow.


For The Toddler

Red Shorts, $1, Amazon | Long Sleeve Black Shirt, $6, Amazon | Black Tights, $7, Amazon | Yellow Shoes, $32, Amazon | White Mickey Gloves, $10, Party City | White Felt, $3, Amazon | Mickey Ears, $7, Amazon

Every toddler loves Mickey Mouse, so throw together a quick costume for the leader of The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. (This can also easily become a Minnie costume if your toddler prefers.) You'll need some red shorts, a long sleeve black shirt, black tights, yellow shoes, white gloves, white felt, and a pair of Mickey ears. Cut two large circles out of the felt for Mickey's buttons and attach them to the red shorts. Then get dressed in the rest of the gear and your toddler is instantly transformed into the most iconic Disney character of all time. Hot dog, hot dog, hot diggity dog.


For The Preschooler

Long Sleeve Shirt, $12, Amazon | Pink Pants, $10, Amazon | Felt, $7, Amazon

Dress-up is always a favorite among the preschooler set, so let them take a note from one of their favorite activities — coloring with crayons. You can turn your child into the perfect crayon by letting them pick their favorite color and grabbing a long sleeve shirt and pants in the same color. Grab some felt to match so you can create a hat in the shape of a crayon tip.


For The Elementary School Kid

Hogwarts Robe, $22, Amazon | Hogwarts Tie, $8, Amazon | Black Pants, $15, Amazon | White Dress Shirt, $14, Amazon

Whether their favorite character from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter is The Chosen One himself or Hermione Granger, every kid in your family can rock a Hogwarts witch or wizard costume. All they need is a Hogwarts robe, a tie in their house colors, black pants, and a white dress shirt.


For The Tween

Yellow Skirt, $21, Amazon | Yellow Top, $15, Target | Green Leggings, $5, Amazon | Green Felt, $3, Amazon

The tween in your family probably isn't ready to grow up yet, but they might be thinking that Halloween isn't part of their "cool kid" repertoire either. Give them something easy to throw on that will keep them feeling good and excited about another year of trick or treating. (You're never too old.) For whatever reason, pineapples seem to be on trend and tweens love to be in the know. Get them a yellow skirt, a yellow top, green leggings, and grab some green felt to make a pineapple "hat." Easy to throw together and just enough of a costume to make it on Halloween.


For The Teen

Long Black Dress, $24, Amazon | Long Black Gloves, $8, Spirit Halloween | Tiara, $7, Party City | Black Sunglasses, $7, Party City | Gem Jewelry Set, $10, Party City

For the teen in your family who's not quite ready to give up trick or treating but still wants a fun, glamorous costume, it can be tricky to find something they'll love. But you can easily DIY a fun Breakfast at Tiffany's costume. For your teen to dress as Holly Golightly, they'll need a long black dress, long black gloves, a tiara, big black sunglasses, and lots of costume jewelry.


For The Dog

Green Fabric, $13, Amazon | Stick-on-Craft Velcro, $5, Amazon | Fake Ivy, $14, Amazon

Don't leave the family dog out of the action (actually, any pet can rock this costume). Turn them into something hilarious and easy — a Chia pet. Remember those commercials? All you need is enough green fabric to make a vest for your dog. Use the stick-on craft Velcro to make clasps so that it will wrap around your dog's middle and come together on their stomach. Before you put it all together, use the fake ivy you find in craft stores to hot glue onto the fabric so it looks like a giant mat of greenery. All you have to do is then attach the Velcro and wrap it around your dog so they become the perfect Ch-ch-ch-chia pet.