9 Easy, Pretty Ways To Wear Your Hair Down When You're Sick Of Ponytails

While there are plenty of ways to wear your hair up, every once in a while a girl’s gotta let her hair down – literally. But sometimes letting your locks flow freely can be even more complicated than a fancy up-do. How will you keep it tangle-free and our of your face? How can you keep yourself from looking like Cousin Itt at the end of the day? (I can’t possibly be the only person with these thoughts.) Fortunately, there are some simple, stylish ways to wear your hair down.

You don’t have to implement any insane rituals, or utilize any crazy tools and techniques to rock a down style. You just need a comb, a touch of product, and maybe a bobby pin or two. And if you’re worried about looking boring, keep in mind that adding accessories or switching up the texture can instantly take your locks from drab to fab. Not to mention that, unlike with an updo, your hair length doesn’t matter. Whether you’re rocking a trendy lob or have locks like Rapunzel, you can wear your hair down. Next time you’re wondering what to do with your hair, try one of these nine simple and stylish ways to wear your hair down.


Try Some Beachy Waves

Maybe it’s just me, but I love the way my hair looks after a dip in the ocean. But if dunking your head in the Atlantic each morning isn’t possible, try a beachy wave tutorial to bring this sweet style to your routine.


Give Yourself A Braided Crown

A flirty, bohemian style, this braided crown tutorial should be in your rotation for a fun way to wear your hair down while keeping it out of your face.


Go Vintage

If you’re looking for a sexy way to wear your hair down in the office, this vintage hair tutorial is perfect.


Add A Headband

If you’re short on time, adding a headband is a super easy way to wear your hair down with some flair. Try several different styles and find your favorite!


Whip Up A Waterfall Braid

TLC may have told you not to chase waterfalls, but this waterfall braid tutorial is a must. It may take you a little practice, but this style is too sweet not to try.


Tie On A Hair Wrap

This hair accessory adds a pop to your style and looks super glamorous. There are different ways to wear them them, so test them all out before picking a go-to style.


Wear A Flower Crown

Flower crowns have come a long way since you were making daisy chains in your backyard. They are fun, feminine, and a gorgeous accessory to add when wearing your hair down. Though this may not be appropriate for a corporate setting, there are plenty of ways to wear a flower crown when you’re out of the office.


Bring Barrettes Back

These aren’t the cheesey butterfly clips you remember from middle school. These days, barrettes can be casual, bohemian, chic, and glam, making them perfect for any occasion. Adding them to a simple hairstyle can make you feel polished and put together.


Braid Some Roses

This one may seem like cheating, but this half-up style is still a gorgeous way to wear your hair down. Turning three braids into sweet little roses will give you a girly, boho look that everyone will try to copy.

Image: fantasticrabbit/Fotolia; pretttyvisitor, houseofblackbird, KayleyMelissa, emily_r_thomas, thomas.lee86, love_leeann, thenesst, thecluebelle, KayleyMelissa/Instagram