9 Easy Princess Leia Costumes For Kids, Because The Rebel Alliance Needs Her

by Lauren Schumacker

Halloween costumes shouldn't have to be hard to pull together, even if you create yours from scratch. Princess costumes are always popular; every type of princess costume you can imagine lines store shelves come fall. Princess Leia, a perennial favorite, is perhaps even more popular lately, due to the release of new Star Wars movies and, sadly, the death of actress Carrie Fisher. No one wants to spend months leading up to Halloween looking for costumes their kids will wear for one night, which is why you need to know about these easy Princess Leia costumes for kids, especially if you have a little rebel on your hands.

Whether you're going to buy your costume, assemble it from a mixture of things you already have lying around the house, or go all out and make it completely yourself, Princess Leia costumes don't have to be difficult. In fact, they might be some of the easiest of all princess costumes to pull together, given that they don't require poofy ballgowns or towering crowns. If your little one has a white outfit and silver shoes, you're already more than halfway there. Still need a little bit more step-by-step guidance? These nine costumes are a good place to start.


Disney's Princess Leia

You can't go wrong with Disney's interpretation of Princess Leia. She's not a "Disney Princess," but that doesn't matter. She's a fierce feminist, courageous, smart, and strong. Who wouldn't want their kid to look up to her? Luckily, there's an easy-to-buy Princess Leia costume for kids ($35, Disney Store).


No-Sew Princess Leia


For this cute and simple Princess Leia Halloween costume, all you need is a white dress ($30, Chasing Fireflies), a silver belt ($4, Belt Outlet), and any kind of simple silver shoes ($13, Payless) your little heart desires. Check out Carrie Elle's no-sew Princess Leia costume tutorial for more ideas.


Princess Leia Headband Buns


Your Princess Leia wannabe doesn't have hair long enough to pull off the character's trademark buns? No problem. Make your own Princess Leia headband buns using Family Disney's tutorial. You'll need a simple brown headband ($3, Walmart), a low-temperature glue gun, some brown yarn, a bit of brown fabric, and not much else.


Princess Leia Fleece Hat

If you feel like you have a handle on all aspects of your kid's Princess Leia costume except for those pesky buns, which, let's face it, can be difficult to manage well, especially on an active kiddo, this Princess Leia hat/wig ($25, Etsy) will do the trick. No need to spend time worrying about their hair, plus they'll be able to wear it again and again.


Princess Leia Apron

Dress your little one all in white or black, pull their hair into buns on each side of their head (or add a wig), and top it all off with this Princess Leia Costume Apron ($40, Etsy), which works well for Halloween and then again when you're making dinner on a Tuesday. Win-win.


No-Sew Homemade Princess Leia Costume


This no-sew Princess Leia costume from A Contemplative Creative is made from a bed sheet and requires pretty much the bare minimum effort when it comes to homemade costumes. Get them a white turtleneck ($18, Land's End) to wear underneath if it's cold outside that night and make a belt from a simple silver ribbon. Top it off with Leia buns and silver shoes and you've got yourself a costume in no time at all.


T-Shirt Princess Leia Costume


If you're handy with a sewing machine, you can make a Princess Leia costume using just two men's t-shirts. The Star Wars website's T-shirt Princess Leia costume requires scissors, a couple of men's white t-shirts ($8, Old Navy), white thread, and a sewing machine. It takes a bit more time to make than some of the others, but it's super affordable and you won't mind if it ends up getting trashed while they're trick or treating.


Stylish Leia

This fashion-forward Princess Leia dress ($44, Etsy) is cute and won't require much effort on your part, leaving you plenty of time to perfect those buns. Silver boots (or other simple silver shoes) pull it all together.


Pillowcase Princess Leia


All you need for your toddler's Princess Leia costume is a pillowcase, some gray felt, and silver shoes. This no-sew Princess Leia pillowcase costume from 4 The Love of Family couldn't be easier. A white pillowcase ($8, Target) is transformed into a dress, which can be worn over white leggings and a white t-shirt or turtleneck. Make a gray felt belt that can get tossed after trick or treating and you won't have to spend a lot of time, money, or worry in order to pull together the perfect Princess Leia costume for your kid this Halloween.

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