These Family Costumes Including Pets Are Your Furry Friend's Worst Nightmare

by Cat Bowen

I love my dog. I have an adorable 4 year old Shih Tzu mix named Montana Wildhack. She's the scruffiest, cutest little thing, and my kids adore her even more than I do. Naturally, she's a huge part of all of our holiday celebrations, Halloween most especially. She loves walking with the kids as we trick or treat up and down the streets of Brooklyn. Sadly, her costume game hasn't been great, even if my kids costumes have been on-point. This year I want to do better, so I found several family costumes including pets that are just too cute to pass up.

I'm not going to lie. My costume skills are strong. I've made or designed virtually all of my kids' Halloween costumes, and they're always a hit. Whether my son is going as "The Doctor" from Doctor Who, or my daughter as Kiki from Kiki's Delivery Service, or together as Arya and The Hound, they've all been pretty adorable. I honestly don't know why I've never dressed my dog up to go out with us, other than it was perhaps I simply didn't think about it. Yet, my daughter is forever putting her in sunglasses, hats, and costumes she's created. After doing some research, family costumes that include pets are actually really funny and creative, and I'm here for it.


The Justice League

DC Comics Wonder Woman Costume, $130, Target

Adult Superman One Piece Costume, $50, Spirit Halloween

Batman Pet Costume, $21, Spirit Halloween

Kids Aquaman Costume Deluxe, $40, Spirit Halloween

I don't care one iota if I don't look like Gal Gadot, I will rock that Wonder Woman costume like it's my danged job. Theme costumes like these are the simplest because you can buy everything. Nothing needs special alteration, and you can get the costumes pretty much anywhere. It's the beauty of Marvel and DCU that these are mass produced to the point of ubiquity, but remain current and adorable.


Swashbuckling Family

Similar to the Marvel and DC costumes, pirate costumes are readily available, and easy to acquire. You can even have them delivered., a website that allows me to feed my dog and buy cat litter without leaving the house, will apparently also clothe my dog as a pirate for Halloween. Apparently, she can be a pirate for under $10, which is a win for me. And, unlike my kids, she'll never grow out of it. Well, unless she keeps stealing cat food. While the exact costumes on the video aren't disclosed, you can find similar pirate family costumes at Party City starting at around $20.


For The "At-Home" Party (AKA Dressing Your Cat)

Do you have kids that are too young to go out, or you're having a huge party? Do you also have a cat that you're willing to annoy? Look no further. Cat costumes are the way to go. You're going to have to buy a costume meant for a small dog, because cat costumes don't exist, because cats are a-holes and make terrible models. My cat hissed at me just this morning as I was trying to get a glamour shot of him awkwardly licking his own belly. I foresee a family of lion tamers and lions, or perhaps a Yoda cat with his noble Jedi family. Just get the picture quick because they're going to bite off the hat.

Men's Lion Tamer Costume, $119, Yandy

Infant Toddler Lion Cub Costume, $16, Walmart

OMG Adorables Lion Mane Costume for Cat, $12, Amazon


The Magic Isn't Just For Dogs

I love horses and horseback riding, but I honestly never thought of dressing a mare or gelding up as Harry Potter. However, seeing how adorable this is, I was clearly mistaken. Horses are already used to wearing blankets, blinders, and all manner of headdress, so this is actually a pretty great idea if you have a horse farm and you're having a Halloween bash. Or you happen to live in a rural area. What fun. You'll want to start with an extra long Hogwarts Scarf, like this one from Amazon for $25, and for the family (and the rest of the costume), if you want to match, you'll have to go the old-fashioned route and sew it yourself. Thankfully, Simplicity has you covered.


Jurassic World

Sure, you could dress up your kids as the actual kids from Jurassic Park, but where's the fun in that? Dinosaurs all the way. Add in Ellie Satler, Alan Grant and a doggie velociraptor, and you've got yourself a party. Pro tip: don't try to be Dr. Ian Malcolm unless you can either really pull it off, or you go in the completely opposite direction and make it totally hysterical. (Think mom in drag or full dad bod on display.) Because Ian Malcolm is just... yeah.

Bonus that the Ellie and Alan costumes are easy as heck to put together and most of it can be purchased at a charity shop.

Boys T-Rex Costume, $25, Party City

Plush Pet Dinosaur Costume, $12, Google Express

Long-Sleeve Chambray Shirt, $22, JCPenney

St. John's Bay Pleat-Front Pants, $15, JCPenney

Mechaly Cotton Bandana, $10, Amazon

KOGMO Work Blouse, $23, Walmart

Edwards Garment Women's Pleated Short, $27, Walmart


Deer Family (Just Not Bambi and His Mom For Obvious Reasons)

This one is really cute. Youtuber Laura Price did DIY dog and owner costumes, and this reindeer set is so sweet. I found pretty precious kids' costumes to go along with them from (prices range from $60 to $80), but really, antlers and brown clothes with some cute makeup would be enough. You should totally break out the antlers again for the Christmas card.


Ghost Family

OK, I saw these dogs and laughed out loud. Can you imagine your family all dressed up as ghosts a la Charlie Brown? Yes, the dogs did need help with the stairs in their costume, but so will your kids, and likely your partner. And maybe you. It'll be a group effort.


It's Time For The Rebellion

Disney has done it right and streamlined the process for you by grouping them all together on their site (prices range from $35 to $91). I absolutely want to be Jabba the Hut. How hilarious would it be to throw a gold bikini on Jabba and walk around like that? What's fair is fair, after all.


Bumble Bee Family

Target coming in clutch with these bee costumes for your family. They're so cute and so simple, just one-piece and all they need are tights and turtlenecks. Basic as ever, but so adorable.

Lil' Bumble Bee Baby/Toddler Costume, $22, Target

Women's Bumble Bee Costume, $19, Target

Bumble Bee Dog Hoodie, $8, Target

No matter what you and your family decide to dress up as, just make sure you get it all on Instagram, because that's kind of the point, right? (Just kidding, the point is candy.)