These 9 Fascinating Facts About July Babies Prove They're Truly Unique

When you think of what a person's birth month can tell you about them, you probably think in terms of astrology. But the stars aren't the only way to figure out what a birthday means: Statistics and science can also reveal quite a bit about someone based on when they were born, from the prevalence of certain physical traits to the likelihood of particular quirks and preferences. Then, of course, there's all the random trivia associated with each month: When you put it all together, a portrait emerges. So what are some fascinating facts about July babies?

Without even giving it much thought, you can probably come up with a few reasons why a July birthday is advantageous: Your birthday plans will never get snowed out. Growing up, you can spend your birthday on the beach instead of doing homework. And you don't have to worry about being the oldest or youngest in the class: You'll always turn the appropriate age in between grades. Plus, while July is a great time to throw a party, your special day will never be overshadowed by some other major holiday like Christmas or Halloween.

So whether you're due to give birth to a July baby any minute or you already have one (or more), the following tidbits are sure to inform and entertain. The same goes for grown-up July babies, too.


They Have A Courageous Birthstone

Olga Kulakova/Fotolia

Babies born in July basically hit the birthstone jackpot with the deep red ruby. Not only is this stone stunning, but according to the American Gem Society, it's believed to promote courage and energy, heighten awareness, and bring success in wealth and love.


They're Optimistic

Maybe it's because everybody tends to be in a good mood in midsummer, but research conducted by European College of Neuropsychopharmacology found that hyperthymic temperaments (or a tendency to be excessively positive) were "significantly higher in those born in spring and summer" than in people born at any other time of year, reported Science Daily.


They're One Of Two Astrological Signs


Those born in July can be one of two (very different) zodiac signs: Cancer (June 21-July 22) or Leo (July 23-August 22), as Astrostyle explained. Cancer is a water sign, known for being sensitive and nurturing; Leo is a fire sign, and as such, is dynamic, bold, and passionate.


They Tend To Be Tall

Here's a fun way to predict your little one's eventual height that has nothing to do with genetics: One study out of the U.K. found that babies born in July (and June) were the heaviest babies and grew up to be the tallest adults, according to Reader's Digest.


They Have Their Choice Of Birth Flowers

As with zodiac signs, July gets two birth flowers: The larkspur and the water lily, according to FTD. Larkspur represents the "bond of love," while water lilies symbolize enlightenment, divinity, and new life.


They're Often Left-Handed

A small study conducted by the U.K. website Anything Left-Handed found a significantly higher number of left-handed people born in July and August, while other research out of the University of Oxford found that babies born between March and July are more likely to be left-handed. Why? Nobody knows.


They Have Some Super Famous Company

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July babies are in seriously good company when it comes to celebrities born this month. Among the most notable: Liv Tyler, Margot Robbie, Tom Cruise, Kevin Bacon, Tom Hanks, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lopez, Jane Lynch, J.K. Rowling, Sandra Bullock, Kristin Bell, Daniel Radcliffe, and Will Ferrell.


They Have Good Self-Control

A study out of Japan found that by the age of 18 months, babies born in the summer displayed more "effortful control," which basically means they had better emotional and behavioral regulation skills. You'll appreciate that when it's time for preschool.


They've Got Plenty To Celebrate

July is the perfect month to have a birthday because it's full of fun, festive days: The 4th of July, International Kissing Day, National Free Slurpee Day, National Ice Cream Day, National French Fry Day, Amazon Prime Day, International Friendship Day, and National Cousins Day to name a few.