9 Feminist Halloween Costumes For Awesome Babies

by Lindsay E. Mack

Dressing your baby for Halloween presents an opportunity to begin exploring role models. Sure, it'll be a while before your kid really understands the importance of luminary people, but it's never too early to introduce your little one to their influence. With that in mind, consider the feminist Halloween costumes for babies that celebrate some truly phenomenal women.

Drawing on characters from popular movies and books, pop icons, and historical figures alike, these costume choices are perfect for any aspiring feminist. Seriously: there's something powerful about dressing your little one as Wonder Woman or an amazing real-life woman from history. Maybe your infant will also grow up to be a strong athlete or a brilliant mathematician: the possibilities are limitless.

Lastly, the photos and memories from this night will last a lifetime. If your kid needs inspiration later in life, just whip out the photos of her dressed as a phenomenal Egyptian queen — long before she was able to walk or talk. It sends the message that your kid was ready to take on the world from day one. Or, at least, learn to tackle those developmental milestones like a pro. Whatever costume you choose, take loads of pictures to inspire pride (and/or embarrassment) in your kid later on.


The Women Of 'Hidden Figures'

If you're inspired by the story and raising black daughters, Hidden Figures tells the story of three African-American women and their brilliant contributions to NASA during the Space Race era. (Both the book and film are amazing.) If you're inspired by the story, why not dress your kid as a 1960s NASA mathematician for Halloween?

To pay homage to these brilliant women, channel the styles of their decade. A gingham poplin dress ($18+, Amazon) and baby navy cardigan ($17, Amazon) fit the bill. A NASA logo hat ($11, Cafe Press) and math genius blanket ($40+, Etsy) bring in the film's themes. For a few more styling ideas, check out the kids who crushed some Hidden Figures costumes, courtesy of Buzzfeed.


Lisa Simpson

Though your baby probably looks more like Maggie, we're not exactly sure yet what her stance is on women's rights. Lisa though, is all about girl power, which makes her a feminist in our book.

You'll need the dress ($14, Primary), shoes ($13, Old Navy), and a pearl necklace ($11, Etsy) to complete her look. Take scissors to the bottom hem of the dress if you want it to have the same zig zag edge as Lisa's.


Beyoncé Fan


Famous singers are another favorite inspiration for Halloween costumes, and today's kids are lucky enough to grow up in the era of Queen Bey. She's all about empowerment, self-actualization, and strength.

For a low-key costume, pair a "Who run the world" romper ($16, Etsy) with a baby Slay cap ($11, Cafe Press) and some baby lemon socks ($1, Amazon). Or just get a red sequined ballgown and two Grammys like the Queen herself.


Queen Hatshepsut

Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Why be a princess when you can be queen? As ancient Egypt's longest reigning woman pharaoh, Hatshepsut acted as queen of Egypt in 1500s B.C., according to By all accounts, she was a successful leader who is still remembered centuries later.

Start with a Queen Hathshepsut bodysuit ($15, Cafe Press), then add a gold baby skirt ($15, Etsy), an Egyptian hieroglyphs baby blanket ($20, Cafe Press), and a knit lace crown ($18, Etsy). Throw in a mini Bastet plush ($19, Amazon) for a little more Ancient Egyptian flair.


Rosie The Riveter

Originating as a propaganda poster from World War II, the iconic image of "Rosie the Riveter" encouraged American women to women to begin working in the munitions industry, according to the History Channel's website. With so many men away at war, women on the home front picked up the slack and took on traditionally male roles in the workforce. Something about Rosie's can-do attitude made a lasting impression, and her image remains a recognizable symbol of female empowerment.

For a cool getup with roots in American history, consider the Rosie the Riveter baby costume ($41, Amazon). It's complete with a jumpsuit and head wrap. Be sure to take pics of your kid striking the iconic muscle pose (as much as you can pose a baby).


Amelia Earhart

Getty Images/Getty Images News/Getty Images

As far as kick-ass women from history are concerned, Amelia Earhart is in a class all her own. A legendary pilot, Earhart was the first woman who flew across the Atlantic Ocean solo, according to the website for the History Channel. She was only the second person to complete this feat, after Charles Lindbergh, and she did so in 1932. Keep in mind that this was only 29 years after first successful airplane flight ever. She embraced the new technology in a bold way.

A baby aviator hat ($18, Etsy), Amelia Earhart bodysuit ($15, Cafe Press), and a baby bomber jacket ($30, Amazon) complete the ensemble.



Madeline is a beloved figure from children's literature, and she's a brave, independent kid as well. Just look at her staring down that tiger and giving zero cares. If your own kid is equally fearless, then a Madeline costume will be perfect.

The Madeline baby costume ($35, Etsy) will likely be a perfect fit. You're well on your way to a Halloween night filled with adventure and fun.


Wonder Woman

I feel like this Halloween will be a big year for Wonder Woman, thanks to Gal Gadot's stunning portrayal of the Amazonian warrior in 2017's Wonder Woman film. She's the definition of a superheroine. To help your baby portray the warrior from Themyscira, there are some great costumes available.

This costume is pretty wonderful, to be honest. The baby Wonder Woman onesie and headpiece ($15+, Amazon) features a logo-emblazoned onesie, tutu, pants, booties, and a headpiece. Basically, it's everything your kid needs to become a hero.


Ruth Bader Ginsburg

TIM SLOAN/AFP/Getty Images

You want all judges to be on your side, but this one takes the cake. As one of only four women who have served on the Supreme Court, Ginsburg is an amazing role model for all, especially young girls.

Dress your little one like a badass judge in a black gown ($15, Trim and Tassels). Pin lacey fabric at the neck and give them a foam gavel ($10, Amazon) to hammer away as they please.

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