9 Flattering Ponytails, Because You’re Over The Messy Bun

Ponytails have come a long way since you were begging mom to “smooth out the bumps.” These days, there seems to be a flattering ponytail for every occasion. Heading off to an interview? Look professional, confident, and fierce with a sleek ponytail. Spending a day on the beach? Keep flyaways at bay and look fresh with a relaxed ponytail. Date night? Leave your SO weak in the knees with a sexy, Brigitte Bardot-inspired ponytail. Even celebrities have taken this once gym-only do to the red carpet, updating the ponytail from cute to sexy.

Now I know what you might be thinking. “The Ponytail 2.0 sounds great, but I don’t have the time to style it.” Normally, I’d agree. But the best part is that a stylish ponytail is just as easy to style as the ponytails you remember. You won’t find a mile-long product list with these updated looks. Most of them require tools you already own – like a hairbrush, elastics, and bobby pins – and maybe a spritz of some of your favorite hairspray or volumizer. If you’re looking for a fresh updo that’s perfect for practically any occasion, here are are nine flattering ponytails that will fit a number of styles.


High and Sleek Ponytail

Need to look fierce? A high and sleek ponytail is the only way to go. Taming those flyaways and pulling your hair back tight will add a little glamour and edge to your style. With a great hairspray and lots of brushing, you’ll have this modern look down just in time for a work event or night out.

Big Sexy Hairspray, $13, Amazon


Braided Ponytail

Get the best of two dos with a braided ponytail. Perfect for nights when you want to try something sexy and new but are short on time, this hairstyle is fresh, fast, and oh super simple.

Oscar Blandi Braid Paste, $20, Amazon


Curly Pony

If you want your do to have a bit more oomph, try an easy curly ponytail. Using a curling iron after your hair is already up will give your mane some gorgeous texture and volume.

Conair Infiniti Pro Curl, $80, Amazon


Bubble Ponytail

A favorite for runway models, the bubble ponytail will leave you feeling a bit like Princess Jasmine (pet tiger not included). No product necessary, just a few essentials like a hairbrush and tiny elastics to make a ponytail that will take your hair to a whole new world. (You know I had to do it.)

Tiny Elastics, $5, Amazon


Side Ponytail

You may have rocked this do back when you still had braces, but side ponytails are now stylish and fun. You can slick your hair down to make a sophisticated pony, or pull out some loose strands for a bohemian, free-spirited look. Totally versatile, the side ponytail is definitely one to put in your style rotation.


Messy Ponytail

The messy ponytail is as easy as it sounds. You’ll look like you just came in from the beach with this sexy, carefree look.


60s Ponytail

This do is inspired by one of the sexiest woman of the 1960s, French actress and singer Brigitte Bardot. She not only revolutionized the bikini, but also the ponytail by putting her va-va-voom version on the classic updo. If you’re looking for vintage, fun, and sexy, this is the ponytail for you.


Twisted Pony

A great way to rock a simple updo in a more professional setting, the twisted ponytail is quick and doesn’t require any product! It’s a chic way to keep your hair back and out of your face during the work day.


Half-Up Pony

A mix between wearing your hair down and a high ponytail, the half-up ponytail is a favorite for pop sensation Ariana Grande. It’s a super fun style that will make you feel sexy and flirty.

Image: Courtesy of rochelle1792; dame_s, hair_by_charlie, cjd_luv, jboothyy, rochelle1792, breonnaqueen, _ashleenichole_, nallaharas, 303gastelum/Instagram