Staycation ideas don't have to be boring or full of screens.
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9 Fun Staycation Ideas You Can Pull Off Without Leaving Your Home

I know a lot of us still feel like we're on the staycation that never ends, what with school still being remote for many, and travel still being pretty much off the table for a lot of us. And yes, I know we're all completely tapped out when it comes to dreaming up fun activities to do at home. (Please no more pillow forts...)

BUT! Spring break is upon us. And the truth is, planning playful or unique activities for your fam can really help to keep morale up, and make your kid's break still feel special, and not just like another endless day at home. You just need some fresh, fun and easy staycation ideas to help make some great vacay memories.

Usually the idea of a "staycation" involves taking in some of the local museums or restaurants or sights. And at this stage of the pandemic, many places have stepped up, offering lots of outdoor art exhibits, or ways to enjoy a meal outside in a safe, socially distant way. But I've also rounded up some simple things you can do from your own backyard or living-room. Here's hoping some of these ideas will help keep everyone's spirits up, and offer everyone (parents included) a nice bit of distraction.


Camp Out

Adventure calls! And it's calling from your own backyard. Gather up that tent you were saving for Yellowstone and head out to your lawn. Roast some marshmallows or hot dogs over the grill, then curl up in the tent to share some ghost stories. To add an educational twist, maybe pick a few nearby leaves and talk about how to identify different kinds of plants and trees.


Play Bed & Breakfast

Pack a bag for your kids and welcome them to Chateau Maison! Hang numbers on the bedrooms and let the kids sleep in different rooms for the night. Offer luxurious amenities like bubble baths and chocolates on the pillows, then serve breakfast for dinner. (Yes, I know B&Bs don't actually serve breakfast for dinner, but kids seem to find eating waffles in the evening to be the upmost in wackiness.)


Make Your Own Movie Theater

Have the kids help you create tickets and posters, and turn your living room into your own Cinemark. You can set up a table offering "concessions" for sale (Monopoly money accepted!) and arrange chairs in a row in front of your TV. Then kick back and stream something kid-friendly from Netflix.


Spa Day!

Gather up your face masks and nail polish, and slice some cucumbers to put over those little eyeballs. Have your kids don their bathrobes and indulge in a spa day, complete with lemon water! (And maybe some Goldfish crackers.) There can be foot massages, pedicures, and of course, lots of kindergarten Zoom gossip...


Play Top Chef

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Offer everyone an apron and gather up your spices. This can be an opportunity to teach your child how to cook something very basic (scrambled eggs or mac and cheese) or depending on the child's age, you can be adventurous and try a new recipe together. Or, to add an edge of competition, you can cook individually, and have someone else "judge" the meals.


Fashion House

Drag out a bunch of fun clothes, shoes, and make-up (obviously stuff you don't care too much about) and take turns giving each other makeovers. Take lots of pics to print, and create your own "Spring Fashion 2021" magazine.


Hit The Club

Turn on the strobe (or gather the flashlights) and make your house into a nightclub. Have everyone put on their "club" clothes, then throw on the Trolls 2 soundtrack and break it down. You can offer specialty "bottle service", where the kids can indulge in some delicious iced apple juice. Make a velvet rope with the sash from your robe, and don't grant your husband entry until he changes out of those sweats he's worn the past three months.


Bring Paris To You

Remember in It's a Wonderful Life when George and Mary's honeymoon gets cancelled, and Mary creates a Polynesian getaway with posters and a record player? Well, pull a Mary, and hang up some pictures of exotic locales. Play some music from that culture, and learn some phrases in the local language. Prepare something the locals would eat. (This doesn't have to be fancy. For France you could share a baguette and some cheese. Mexico, some tacos.)


Artsy Outdoors

As mentioned above, lots of museums have set up really cool outdoor exhibits, if you aren't ready to venture indoors just yet. Check your local museums and see what they have going on. Sculpture parks are also a great option. Pack a picnic lunch, and make a day of it.


Freaky Friday

Pull a life swap a la Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis! Have your child be the parent for the day, and you be the kid. They can dress like you, and you like them. And the child can "be in charge". (Within reason, obviously.) They get to decide meals, and what you will do for the day. Silly yes, but the kids will likely get a big kick out of the role reversal.


The Great Outdoors

Maybe there's a park or hike or nature preserve that's a bit of a longer drive, so you've never really made the effort to check it out? Well, now is the time! Take a family hike, or check out a cool rails to trails bike path. Another fun idea if it's an option - kayak, canoe, or paddle boat rentals. Most places have now set up good protocols for renting boats etc. in a safe and contactless way, and this can make for a unique, different kind of outing.


Party Down

Throw a chocolate milk kegger for the entire first grade! Kidding! Really though, maybe let your child pick a couple of friends to have a special, (masked) little spring break party. Make it an outdoor celebration, complete with pizza, cupcakes, a pinata, and some new outdoor games. For extra fun, give the party a theme - a Hawaiian luau, or pirates or princesses, whatever your kid might be into. Decorate accordingly.