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9 Funny Family Group Halloween Costumes

Half of the point in creating a family is to nail some funny family group Halloween costumes, right? OK, if you disagree, I'm just going to assume that either Halloween isn't your thing or you don't appreciate a good hot dog costume when you see it.

Halloween is one of my favorite times of the year, but it can be really overwhelming to choose a great costume. You want something that people will recognize, but you also want something you'll love and have fun wearing. When you have kids, you also want some kind of cohesion. Whether you're all dressing up as the cast from Toy Story or a box of crayons, there's a lot of fun in a big family group Halloween costume and trust me — your children will love it.

But I'll let you in on a secret — Winnie-the-Pooh, Eeyore, and Piglet are overdone. So are Woody, Jessie, and Buzz or Mike, Sully, and Boo. It's time to get real serious about your Halloween family group costume by getting real funny. Your children probably aren't ready to wear the fake blood and zombie guts, but I know you're tired of dressing up like a princess. This year, try one of these nine funny family group Halloween costumes so you can have fun and make everyone laugh. (And who doesn't need a ketchup costume in their closet?)


Condiments & Hot Dogs

Adult Ketchup Costume, $25, Halloween Costume | Adult Mustard Costume, $25, Halloween Costume | Kid Hotdog Costume, $30, Halloween Costume

Who doesn't love hot dogs? For a funny family costume that promotes unity and deliciousness, you'll need an adult ketchup costume, an adult mustard costume, and a kid hot dog costume. Super easy, cute, and your kid will love it.


'Ghostbusters' Crew

Stay Puft Costume, $20, Halloween Costume | Slimer Costume, $25, Halloween Costume | Ghostbusters Costume, $50, Halloween Costume

Whether your favorite Ghostbusters movie stars Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd or Kristen Wiig and Kate McKinnon, the whole family can get behind this funny and cute group costume. For the little ones, you'll need a Stay Puft costume, a Slimer costume, and a Ghostbusters costume for each of the adults. You came, you saw, you kicked Halloween's *ss in this ensemble.


'The Hangover' Crew

Human Tree Shirt, $20, Halloween Costume | White jeans, $30, Loft | Brown Satchel, $23, Army Navy USA | Aviator Sunglasses, $13, Target | Baby Carrier, $25, Target | Blue Onesie, $5, Shirt Space | White Knotted Hat, $6, Amazon | Sunglasses, $6, Forever21 | Orange Striped Scarf, $12, Etsy | Hard Rock Cafe Hoodie, $48, Hard Rock

OK, The Hangover is easily one of the funniest movies, but for the ultimate family costume, you'll have to combine the first movie and the sequel. For one parent to be Alan, you'll need Alan's human tree shirt, a pair of white jeans, a satchel, a pair of aviators, and a baby carrier. The baby in the carrier (please make sure to call them Carlos) just needs a blue onesie and a white knotted hat. For the other parent, please take it easy and dress as Leslie Chow in The Hangover Part II. You'll need some sunglasses, an orange striped scarf, and a Hard Rock Cafe hoodie. Done. The Wolf Pack is here, my friends.


'Ace Ventura' Crew

Dan Marino Jersey, $32, NFL Shop | Ray Finkle Shirt, $20, Amazon | Printed Button Down Shirt, $38, Kohls | Cargo Shorts, $10, Kohls | Pink Tutu, $9, Amazon | Football Body Suit Set, $14, Kohls

Laces out for this family group costume. One parent can wear a Dan Marino jersey while the other rocks a Ray Finkle shirt. Now, here comes the really fun part — one of your kids has to rock the Ace Ventura tutu look. They'll need a printed button down shirt, a pair of cargo shorts, and, of course, a pink tutu. If you have another little one, make sure they represent that laces out football well with a football bodysuit set.


'Bob's Burgers' Crew

Gray T-Shirt, $10, Walmart | Gray Pants, $15, Walmart | White Apron, $5, Amazon | Long Sleeve Red Shirt, $9, Amazon | Blue Jeans, $20, Walmart | White Half Apron, $2, KNG | Red Glasses, $3, Amazon | Yellow Shirt, $4, Walmart | Blue Shorts, $4, Walmart | Green Dress, $16, Primary | Pink Bunny Ears, $10, Amazon | Light Blue T-Shirt, $9, Amazon | Dark Blue Shirt, $13, Target | Square Glasses, $7, Party City | Tube Socks, $10, Amazon

One of the funniest shows on TV deserves some recognition, especially if you've got three kiddos like the Bob's Burgers crew. For Bob Belcher, you'll need a gray t-shirt, dark gray pants, a white apron, and a hamburger. To dress as Linda Belcher, you'll want a long sleeve red t-shirt, blue jeans, a white half-apron, red glasses, and obviously, a glass of wine. The three children have pretty easy costumes, too. Gene just needs a yellow shirt and a pair of blue shorts while Louise needs a green dress and a pair of pink bunny ears. Everyone's favorite, Tina, only needs a light blue t-shirt, dark blue skirt, a pair of square glasses, and some tube socks. Time for the charm bomb to explode.


'Austin Powers' Crew

Dr. Evil Costume, $35, Halloween Costume | Femme Bot Costume, $50, Halloween Costume | Mini-Me Costume, $35, Halloween Costume

The villains are usually the best part of any movie, but especially in Austin Powers. Your little family will make everyone laugh with one parent dressed as Dr. Evil, another dressed as a Fembot, and your mini-me dressed as, well, in a Mini-Me costume.


'Breaking Bad' Crew

Plaid Button Down Shirt, $13, Kohls | Khaki Pants, $40, JC Penney | Lightweight Jacket, $10, Belk | Black Glasses, $9, Halloween Costume | Heisenberg Hat, $14, Amazon | Yellow Toxic Suit, $50, Halloween Costume | Blue Tutu, $10, Party City | Blue Tights, $5, Party City | Blue Shoes, $20, Kohls | Blue Shirt, $5, Kohls | Blue hair Spray, $4, Party City | Mariachi Costume, $30, Halloween Costume

No one's suggesting that your child dress up like a meth addict, but a family group Breaking Bad costume is pretty hilarious. Don't go with the typical Jesse and Walt pairing however. The adults can be two versions of Walter White. One is more of a Heisenberg look with khaki pants, a plaid button-down shirt, a lightweight jacket, glasses, and of course the perfect Heisenberg hat. For the other Walter White look, you'll just need the yellow toxic suit.

Your kids can join in, too. Dress one up as the product —Blue Sky. You'll need a blue sparkly tutu, blue tights, blue shoes, a blue shirt, and blue hair spray. And for another child? It's time to break out the mariachi costume so they can sing "The Ballad of Heisenberg." Hey, this is good, hilarious family fun.


'A League Of Their Own' Crew

Coach Jimmy Dugan Costume, $55, Halloween Costume | Adult Dottie Costume, $60, Halloween Costume | Child Dottie Costume, $60, Halloween Costume | Child Kit Costume, $40, Halloween Costume | Baseball Onesie, $15, Etsy

There's no crying in baseball (unless your toddler wants a piece of candy), especially when you're rocking it as the cast of A League of Their Own. It will depend on how many kiddos and parents you have, but for a family of five, you'll need a Coach Jimmy Dugan costume, an adult Dottie costume, a child's Dottie costume, a child's Kit costume, and a baseball onesie for the tiniest member of the family.



Kikkoman Soy Sauce T-Shirt, $9, Amazon | Black Pants, $7, Amazon | Red Beanie, $5, Amazon | Green Shirt, $7, Amazon | Green Leggings, $6, Amazon | Green Tulle Skirt, $14, Amazon | Sushi Onesies, $48, Etsy

So sushi itself is not very funny, but people dressed like everyone's favorite Instagram dish? Hilarious. One of the parents can dress as a bottle of soy sauce, wearing a Kikkoman soy sauce t-shirt, black pants, and a red beanie. Another can go as wasabi — you'll need to wear all green with a green shirt and green leggings and then just don a green tulle skirt. And for your little babies? Grab some hilarious and adorable sushi onesies, complete with a side of wasabi and ginger on their hip.