9 Funny Pun Halloween Costumes For Babies, Because Dad Jokes Are Always In Season

When choosing your baby's Halloween costume, why not go for something cute and silly? The concept of these funny pun costumes for babies will make you groan and laugh at the same time. Thankfully, though, babies are cute enough to pull off these real-life puns and make everyone smile.

Sometimes sneered at as the lowest form of wit, puns have gotten a bad rap in the world of humor. This doesn't make the form of wordplay unpopular, however: just read the headlines of any saucy news story, and you'll see the pun art form is alive and well. In fact, the Anthony Weiner scandal alone generated so many headline puns, Wired made a list of them. It's my feeling that puns are the form of humor everyone loves to hate in public, but secretly just love.

To help your baby develop a love for the wordplay — perhaps this will be the generation that liberates puns from their lowly status — choose one of these double-meaning costumes. Better yet, use these costumes as inspiration for your very own pun-based baby getup. Create a visual interpretation of your favorite groan-worthy joke, put it on your baby, and enjoy a Halloween filled with laughter. Whatever costume you choose, hopefully you and your little one will have a spooktacular Halloween.


Deviled Egg

If your baby is a bit devilish on occasion, then this outfit is perfect. The deviled egg costume kit ($30, Etsy) comes with a hat, tail, and a yolk you can attach to a baby outfit of your choice. This is one hors d'oeuvre everyone will want.


Spelling Bee

This outfit is the bee's knees. Start with a baby bee costume ($45, Halloween Costumes). Pose your kid with some classic ABC blocks ($25, Amazon) or some bath toy letters ($5, Amazon). Can you spell a-d-o-r-a-b-l-e?



Is your kid growing like a weed? Play it up with this outfit. A flower infant costume ($54, Amazon) will make everyone green with envy at the sight of your precious sprout. (Fair warning: people of a certain age will get the song "Unbelievable" by EMF stuck in their heads all night.)



Your kid can dress as the most literal butterfly of all time. Start with a butter stick bodysuit ($19, Zazzle) and add some pretty fairy wings ($9, Etsy). (Please supervise your kid around the wings, though: they look a little fragile and crushable).


The Lion's Share

This little lion knows all about sharing. Get a lion baby costume ($34, Target) and a Sharing Time board book ($8, Amazon). Prepare for everyone to fuss over your adorable cub — and groan at the terrible pun.


Ducks In A Row

Oh, did you expect the puns to get better? Because they will not. For this punny look, get an infant yellow ducky costume ($55, Halloween Express) and a bunch of yellow duck bath toys ($5, Amazon). Try to line up the baby and some of the ducks for a photo op.


Comma Sense

Is your baby destined for an editorial role? Excellent. Show off your kid's comma sense with this comma baby onesie ($20, Cafe Press), an Oxford comma pacifier ($11, Zazzle), and a comma chameleon baby hat ($11, Cafe Press). Your child is dramatically, grammatically correct.


Elephant In The Room

For a costume no one will ever forget, dress your tot as a pachyderm. The pink elephant child costume ($38, Halloween Express) has giant ears and a detachable trunk. Your baby will be the cutest elephant in the room at any gathering.


Cradle Will Rock

Your little one can rock the cradle in this getup. A baby rock star costume ($25, Amazon) has everything you need to transform your kiddo into a star. With a mohawk and a slammin' guitar, your baby is set to rage all night. Or, you know, until bedtime.

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