9 Genius Day-Of Halloween Costumes For Couples

by Tessa Shull

When costumes, ghost decorations, and candy fill the shelves of your local grocery store, you know it's almost Halloween. The fun and spooky time of year is one of my favorites, especially when it comes to planning my kids' costumes and seeing how much fun they have trick or treating. However, sometimes all this focus on the kids means that a costume for you and your partner falls victim to the last minute. No worries, there are plenty of day-of Halloween costumes for couples you can pull off.

Halloween is probably one of my favorite holidays because it allows me to dress up, whether by myself or with a friend, and get creative in ways that aren't normally acceptable on a day-to-day basis. In doing so, thinking up creative duo and couples costumes only makes dressing up more fun come late October.

This year, if don't think you'll have enough time to get too intricate, or all the couples costumes at the store have flown off the shelves, it's a fun idea to think of quick, simple ways you can create something last-minute. After all, I work better under pressure, and there's nothing like waiting until the day-of to think up a costume. So, if you do find yourself in a bind on Halloween, check out some of these couples costumes you can pull off in a really short amount of time.


Bob Ross & Painting

This is the perfect couple costume for those who have a random, afro wig hanging out in their home (and you may be surprised by how many people do). Throw on the wig, have your partner paint a blank canvas and attach it to themselves, and you've got a really simple yet fun couples costume. You can also grab an afro wig ($19.99, Party City) and find blank canvas ($14.99, Target) at just about any big box store.


Skeleton Couple

Another last-minute go-to includes some face paint, glow in the dark duct tape, and all black attire. Use face paint crayons ($7.99, Claire's) to draw a skeleton look on your face and neck. Then you can both grab a black t-shirt ($6.79, Kohls) or dress and use glow in the dark duct tape ($9.99, Michaels) to make a skeleton-like rib cage on the front. Then, you've got a cute or scary, do-it-yourself (DIY) costume for Halloween.


Classic Togas

For this toga couples costume, you can easily grab a couple bedsheets and get creative twisting and tying them into togas. If you have a good pair of sandals, belts, or headbands to accessorize, you can take this couple costume to a whole new level.


Taylor Swift & Her List Of Exes

Grab your most Taylor Swift-esque outfit, red lipstick, and maybe a blonde wig if you have a different hair color. Then, you can grab a black t-shirt and use white duct tape strips (or a white t-shirt with black duct tape strips) to create the list on the front. Write out all the exes you can think of in permanent marker on the duct tape strips, and you have a clever, funny couples Halloween costume.



Using a spare cardboard, you can create emoji outfits that compliment each other for your couples costume this Halloween. Cut the cardboard out in the correct shape and draw or paint on the emoticon face you want to sport for the day. You can attach the cardboard to the front of your clothes with string, tape, or any other creative method. Or, depending on which emoticon you go with, you can even cut out a whole in the cardboard for your head and wear it that way.


Green Eggs & Ham

Although this green eggs and ham couples costume is a cute idea even if you're not expecting, it's an especially fun way to do a couples costume with a baby bump. For the mom-to-be, you can grab a white shirt and green tank top; cut out a hole where your stomach would be in the white shirt and put it over your green tank top. Next, you can take the green t-shirt and glue or sew on a piece of the white cut out to signify the ham bone. Lastly, draw a few lines onto the green t-shirt with permanent marker (or material markers) in the shape of ham.


Sports Fans

If you're huge sports fans, and one of you has an old uniform or favorite team jersey laying around, put it to use for a day-of costume. Dress up in the sport-of-your-choice jersey or uniform and have your partner play referee. Grab some black pants and a black-and-white striped shirt, or if you don't have one, find a white t-shirt and either draw on black stripes or tape them on with duct tape.


Adult-Size Thing One & Thing Two

The Thing One and Thing Two tutorial from Kidspot featured above is a great last-minute option for both adult couples and kid duos. You can even simplify by ditching the hair. Just grab two red t-shirts, a couple pieces of paper to draw "Thing 1" and "Thing 2" onto with a permanent marker, cut them out, and glue them onto the t-shirts.


Masquerade Ball

Masquerade masks are extremely easy to find (at a big box store or party supplies store) or make if you don't already have one stored away in your home. For those who want to make one, you can cut out a sturdy piece of paper or cardboard and use anything from sequins to feathers to decorate it. Then, hole punch a hole on each side to attach string and tie to fit your head. Next, you can both get out your fanciest clothes to dress up like you're going to a masquerade ball as a couple.

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