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9 Interesting Clues That Predict Your Marriage Will Last

Everyone hopes that their marriage will last forever, but sadly, that's not always the case. Although divorce rates aren't necessarily as high as you may think, most people know somebody who has been divorced or who is currently going through one. Some predictors of divorce are pretty obvious, like infidelity, but there are also some interesting clues that predict your marriage will last.

Of course, nothing beats your intuition. According to Psychology Today, listening to your heart, no matter if it's saying something positive or negative, can lead you to a more satisfied marriage. But humans are stubborn, especially in relationships. It's easy to let arguments, irritation, and bad attitudes take over what you know is a good thing. But what if there were clues to predict that your marriage would last? What if you could rely on them when your intuition failed you or when you felt like the worst spouse ever?

Nothing is certain — not even the science of love. But these nine interesting clues could predict that your marriage will last. Of course things like spending time together, having alone time, and arguing for the good of your relationship and not your ego spell success, but these nine clues are unique and are not as easily seen. Science backs them up and, hopefully, so does your own long-lasting marriage. (Also, major props to marrying someone with the same Netflix choices as you, OK?)


You Met Each Other Online

I like to think that Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan's characters in You've Got Mail lived happily ever after, that's most likely how their relationship fared. Time reported on a study's findings that more than a third of American marriages were started through online dating and those marriages are less likely to end in divorce than more "traditional" relationships.


You Watch Movies Together

Especially if that movie happens to be a chick flick or focused on relationships. One study from the University of Rochester concluded that divorce rates dropped by half when couples watched and discussed movies about relationships, such as Gone With the Wind and Fools Rush In. Hey, what better reason to turn on Netflix, right?


Your Engagement Ring Cost Less Than $2,000

Cheaper is better, especially if you want a long-lasting marriage. Research from Emory University found that men who spent between $2,000 and $4,000 on an engagement ring were 1.3 times more likely to get divorced than a man who spent less than $2,000.


You Had A Cheap Wedding

The same Emory University study also took a look at the correlation between expensive weddings and divorce. Weddings that cost $20,000 or more meant that the brides were 3.5 times more likely to end up divorced.


You Use The Same Words

I'm a lover of language and linguistics and so is my fiance, so this research really makes me happy. A study from Texas Tech University found that couples who use the same function words — pronouns, articles, and conjunctions — are a better match than those who use differing words.


You Go On Double Dates

Double dating is more than just a fun way to spend a Saturday night — it could also keep your marriage happy. The Huffington Post reported that a University of Maryland study found that couples who double date with friends feel more like a unit together and may also find each other more attractive than usual.


You Invited A Lot Of People To Your Wedding

Cutting costs on your wedding isn't the only way save your marriage — inviting a lot of guests can, too. The same Emory University study that found less money spent means happier marriages also concluded that the more guests you have in your wedding, the less likely you are to divorce. The theory is that inviting a lot of people means you have a community of friends and family, which can be beneficial in establishing a healthy, happy marriage.


You Went On A Honeymoon

More information from the Emory University study? A honeymoon decreases your chance of divorcing by 41 percent. As if you needed an excuse to head off to Hawaii, right?


You Say "Thank You"

One of the biggest indicators of a long, happy marriage? Expressing gratitude. Research from The University of Georgia found that the biggest predictor of a happy marriage was expressing gratitude and that the expressions lowered the risk of divorce. So make sure to say thank you and hear it often from your partner.