9 Fascinating Facts About Penises (AKA Trivia For Your Next Cocktail Party)

If you're looking for some new conversational openers, why not learn some handy penis facts? The interesting things you should know about penises will shock and amaze pretty much anyone (well, outside of medical professionals). Plus, it's far more entertaining than trying to talk about the weather.

Even if you already know quite a bit about genitalia, there's a lot to be said about the penis. For starters, the word penis comes from a Latin word meaning tail, according to the website for The Spectator. Of course, few words have as many synonyms. According to Power Thesaurus, there are currently over 200 words that can refer to a penis, including tool, dong, and prick. Oh, and before you go thinking penis nicknames are some modern invention, check out the Timeline of Slang Terms for the Penis by Jonathon Green. You could have called it a kicky-wicky, whim-wham, or a beef in the 1600s. See? There's so much to learn about penises, and this is just the name itself.

When you look at the anatomy of the penis, the facts get even wilder. For instance, have you ever considered just how fast ejaculate leaves a penis? Or whether some men really have two working members at once? Read on to learn about these facts and more.


They Can't Be Consciously Controlled

No amount of deliberate concentration can make an erection happen — or go away. The penis is controlled by a man's autonomic nervous system, according to Leading Britain's Conversation. The same system governs heart rate, digestion, and other mostly unconscious acts.


They Can Break

The penis is not indestructible. In fact, it's possible to break a penis with rough intercourse or even an ill-timed fall, according to Salon. The breakage is sometimes followed by an audible snapping noise, as well as several weeks of rest with a splint. It can be a serious injury that needs medical help right away.


They Ejaculate Super Fast

Sperm exits the body with a surprising amount of speed. In fact, the general speed of ejaculation is about 28 miles per hour, according to the website for Cosmopolitan. That would earn a speeding ticket in some areas.


They Can Help Burn Victims

I have to wonder how researchers first discovered this information. Whatever the case, foreskins can create skin grafts to help burn victims, according to Buzzfeed. The penis has a philanthropic side, too.


Their Sizing Is Fairly Standard

You can forget all those rumors about shoe size. In general, most penises are around 6 to 7 inches long when erect, according to the website for Cosmopolitan. This is more than enough to get the job done, considering the average vagina is 3 to 4 inches deep, according to Go Ask Alice.


They Are Pretty Bendy

Maybe the word boner is a misnomer. During intercourse, the penis can bend into a boomerang shape, according to the website for Women's Health. They're more flexible than you might realize.


Autofellatio Is Real, But Rare

Some men can perform oral sex on themselves, but it's a rare talent. Estimates from Alfred Kinsey report that about two or three out of every 1,000 men can perform autofellatio, according to MEL Magazine. Some men just have the body built for it, without any contortionist training or rib removals necessary.


Having Two Penises Is Possible

It's the double deal no one expected. About 1 in 5 million men are born with the condition diphallia, in which they have two penises, according to the website for People. For an inside look at the condition, check out the book Double Header by Diphallic Dude, a memoir of life with two working penises. He's the same guy from the famous Reddit AMA.

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Growers Are Very Real

The flaccid penis does vary in size quite a bit when erect. In fact, a penis increases in volume by 300 percent with an erection, according to Thought Catalogue. That's no small difference.

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