9 Last-Minute Gifts Every 'Bob's Burgers' Fan Needs

Everyone has a favorite fictional TV family, but it’s a special kind of person who understands and appreciates the offbeat and quirky Belcher family on Bob’s Burgers. Though zombie fan-fiction writing, butt-loving teenager Tina Belcher is a fan favorite and arguably the breakout star of the show, the entire ensemble is nothing short of amazing. Regardless of who your favorite character is, there are some perfect Bob’s Burgers gifts for everyone on your Christmas list this year.

Supermom Linda is a hero to many with her love of dinner theater and andfrequent consumption of wine. I mean, who can’t relate to needing a glass or two of vino after a long day? Just me? Well if fart sounds and fighting for creative freedom are more your thing, then you’ll definitely feel like you’ve found a kindred spirit in Gene Belcher. Though she may be the youngest, Louise Belcher’s best moments prove that she keeps it real and has a definite future in the spy world. But the man behind it all, Bob Belcher, is one of TV’s best dads. Sure, he has a bit of a temper and errs on the grumpy side, but he loves his family more than anything — even cleverly named burgers. So for all the Tinas and Lindas in your life, here are the best gifts for any Bob’s Burgers fan.


Classy Wine Glass

Wine Glass, $16, Amazon

A gift the queen of sass, Linda, would approve of, you can get this cheeky wine glass by National Etching for any spunky wine-lover on your list.


Alriiiight Linda Shirt

"Alright!"Shirt, $22, Redbubble

It doesn’t matter your gender, because everybody can get behind Linda Belcher’s infectious enthusiasm with this “Alright!” shirt from Redbubble.


Smart Phone Spy Lens

Spy Lens, $8, Amazon

Every true Louise fan can attest to the fact that she is always looking for the next big scheme or secret mission. Now you, too, can channel your inner Louise with this spy lens from InstaUber.


Louise's Bunny Ears

The only thing more recognizable than Louise’s scheming is her pink bunny ears hat. Now you can get a real life Louise Bunny Hat from SewinAngel on Etsy.


Fart Gun

You don’t have to be a pre-teen boy to appreciate the joy that comes from making gross sounds. Whether it’s for you or the Gene in your family, snag this fart gun by Liberty Imports and let the hilarity ensue.


Gene "Cheating" Mug

Oh the ignorant bliss that is Gene Belcher. If you or your friend are somewhat easily corruptible, then this Gene Belcher cheating mug from Redbubble is ideal.


All I Want For Christmas Is To Touch Your Butt

No Bob’s Burgers gift guide would be complete without an obligatory Tina loving butts item. You can get this Tina Belcher Christmas sweater from TeeChip to satisfy all your derriere dreams.


"Butts" Embroidered Floral Wall Piece

"Butts" Embroidered Wall Piece, $15, Etsy

You don’t necessarily have to be a fan of Tina to appreciate one of her very favorite things: butts. Add a touch of class and ass to your wall with this “butts” embroidered wall piece from BlueEarthCurio on Etsy.


Shish KaBOB Grill Gadget

Shish Kabob Grill Gadget, $37, Amazon

Whether you’re a meat-lover like Bob or you’re a friend to animals like Moo-lissa, you can use this handy shish kabob grill gadget from InfinityWare to cook up some tasty treats.

Images: Fox