9 Men Reveal The Surprising Things That Annoy Them (Cue Eye Roll)

While we'd all love to think that we have sparkling personalities and that everyone delights in our company 100 percent of the time, the truth is that we all have our little quirks and bad habits that can get on other people's nerves. When you're in a relationship and spending lots of time with someone, those traits can be magnified a hundredfold. If you're wondering what you could possibly be doing to aggravate your man, there are some surprising things that annoy men that you may or may not be intentionally doing.

If there's one common thread running through what ticks men off the most, it seems to be communication — too much of it when they're not in the mood for it, or too little of it when they're having trouble figuring out what's got you upset. (But in the height of irony, the best solution to that communication problem is — drumroll, please — more communication.)

Of course, no single gender has a monopoly on annoying habits. Men and women of all ages can both be guilty of every single item on this list. But alas, here are nine things you might be doing that men really wish you weren't.


Steal Their Clothes

You might look adorable in your partner's tank tops or button downs, but a Reddit thread reveals that your man may not be wild about sharing his stuff. So don't assume that he'll find it cute that you're slowly winnowing down his wardrobe, piece by piece. Or at least ask first.


Ask "Why?"

If you're going to constantly ask your man, "why?" (Why are you going to the store? Why are you buying that?), don't be surprised if he gets a little short with you, according to Ethan. Just think of how exasperated you feel when a little kid starts asking you a million questions, and know that's how your man feels when you get a little too inquisitive.


Say "I Can't"

Some dudes just don't get your sense of humor. When asked what he finds annoying, Migel gets particularly irked when women excessively use the phrases "I can't" or "I can't even," "because you can," he says.


Ask "What's Wrong?"

Don't assume that just because your guy isn't feeling talkative or seems a little more mellow than usual that something is way off. Jeremy says sometimes guys need to chill, and they don't want to be pestered about whether that means something is up. "Why does there always have to be something wrong?"



Many women I know tend to rely heavily on their intuition — but that can backfire. Andrew pointed out that this can turn into "reading into things that are not there," which is one of his major pet peeves. While it's not a bad thing to trust your gut if you feel like something is off between you and your partner, you may ultimately end up just causing aggravation for both of you if you take it too far.


Talk About Nothing

If you call your man on the phone, have a topic ready to talk about. Chuck tells Glamour, "It's pretty annoying when women call or IM but have nothing to talk about," he says. What's even worse? "Talking to their pets when they're on the phone with me... telling me what said pet is doing as we talk about nothing." Double whammy.


Stress Over Your Kicks

You might not notice it, but when you're stuck between two really good options and just can't seem to decide which way to go, those precious seconds you're spending weighing the pros and cons of each choice can feel like eons to someone who's waiting for you. "Why does it take so long to fight the right shoes?" John asks. Because we're trying to look cute!


Expect Them To Read Minds

It would be nice if your man could pick up on all your emotional cues and always know what to say or do to make you feel better when something is wrong. But unfortunately, it just doesn't work like that, and it's unfair to expect him to be able to read your mind according to one Reddit commenter. If you want him to be able to help solve your problem, you're going to have to spell it out for him.


Trap Them

Of course we want our partners to be honest with us, but can't we also wish that the information arrives in a beautifully wrapped package, filled with glitter, admiration, and love? Sadly, that's not always the case. "Why ask for my opinion if you do not want to take it?" asks Pete. Excuse me, FedEx, I'm calling to file a claim.

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