9 Mother's Day Sex Positions So You Can Really Celebrate

Mother's Day is supposed to be a day off for moms, right? A day where others wait on them, yes? Unfortunately, for many mothers, it ends up being like any other, only with the addition of scribbled artwork. Yes, ultimately, it's the thought that counts, but wouldn't it be nice to have a Mother's Day where you get exactly what you want? That could include breakfast in bed or the new necklace you've been eyeing, but it should also entail kid-free time having toe-curling orgasms brought on by some special Mother's Day sex positions.

What makes a Mother's Day sex position you ask? Well, that's a damn good question. In addition being done on May 8, a Mother's Day sex position is one that is guaranteed to give you maximum pleasure for minimal work. Because, let's face it, you do end up working on this special day in some way; the last place you should have to work for is your orgasm. Whether you prefer positions that are easy and effective, like a little bit of a challenge, or would rather climax without a partner (hey, alone time is the ultimate Mother's Day gift), there is a Mother's Day sex position for all the moms out there.


The Macaroni Necklace

Courtesy of Caroline Wurtzel/Romper

You may be the necklace, it's your partner that's doing the work. Taking note from the classic face sitting position, have your partner lie on their back while you straddle their neck.


Mother's Day Flowers

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Also known as The Lotus, this position is easy to master and provides maximum pleasure. Have your partner sit cross-legged while you wrap your legs around their waist. Sitting this way not only allows your partner to move in and out easier, but it leaves their hands free to please you in other ways.


The Netflix Marathon

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The only thing more appealing than binging on sex is binging on TV. This position gives you the best of both worlds. Simply bend over the edge of the couch while your partner pleases you from behind, either by penetrating or using their fingers. Turn on your favorite show and enjoy!


The Picture Frame

Courtesy of Caroline Wurtzel/Romper

Why not have some fun hanging the popsicle stick frame the kids made? The Picture Frame is essential standing sex, where the woman uses her arms to brace herself against the wall. If you have a hard time having sex vertically, try some tips from mastering standing sex.


The Spa Treatment

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Whether you're single or just in need of some alone time, you can easily orgasm sans partner. And you can make it more enjoyable by doing it in a bubble bath. Simply grab a waterproof vibrator or shower head and go to O-Town.


The Massage

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Also known as the splitter, this position allows your partner to go deep, giving you both maximum pleasure. Simply lie on your back and lift your leg over your partners shoulder, while your partner kneels and straddles your other leg. As he enters you, he can give your lifted leg (and the rest of your body) a nice rub down.


“I Will Clean The Kitchen”

Courtesy of Caroline Wurtzel/Romper

Before you get your hopes up, this position won't lead to a cleaner cooking space. But it does require your partner to do some lifting. The position requires you to lie down and cross your legs into an X, which you then rest against your standing partner's chest, as he enters you and uses your legs to control the movement. According to Bustle, the crossing of the legs makes your vagina tighter and makes the sex more pleasurable for both parties. Maybe now he'll actually clean the kitchen.


Breakfast In Bed

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Have your cocktail and orgasm too. After your partner brings you a tray of treats and mimosas, have them go down on you while you sip on your breakfast cocktail. Perfect, right?



Courtesy of Caroline Wurtzel/Romper

All moms are superheroes, and this position only furthers that theory. Lie down on any surface and have your partner kneel down and enter you from behind. You may struggle to find your balance at first, but it'll be worth it. And, before you ask, the cape is totally optional.