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9 Myths About TTC Sex That You Should Toss Aside

by Jill Di Donato

When you're trying to conceive, also known as TTC, your sex life is not just about cuddles and orgasms — it's about making a baby. However, there are some myths about TTC sex that need to be busted, right now. You're going to have a lot of feelings trying to make sense of TTC sex myths. Because following them could be keeping you from your ultimate goal.

Everyone from your female family members to Google-happy friends love to offer you unsolicited advice on your sex life when you're TTC. Which is great. But what's not great is how the misconceptions about conception have the power to leave you feeling wounded, like you're doing something wrong in the most sacred of places: the bedroom.

But, don't psych yourself out. The most important thing to do when you're having trouble making sense of TTC sex is to talk to your physician. You might even consider going to see a fertility specialist, if you've been having lots of unprotected sex and are not getting pregnant. And of course you're going to go to the internet when you can't sleep after you've done it on your side, your back, his side, and lots of other positions that are supposed to help get you pregnant. When you do, remember that there's nothing wrong with you. And also, the following should clear up some TTC sex fact versus fiction.

Myth #1: Swallowing Semen Will Make You More Fertile

Um, no. There's absolutely no evidence that swallowing semen boosts fertility, according to The Frisky. However, according to a study published in Psychology Today, the nutrients found in semen can have antidepressant properties. Still, your shrink isn't going to replace your SSRI prescription with a serving of, er, well, you know.

Myth #2: Lifting Your Legs In The Air After Sex Will Help You Conceive

I can see the reasoning here, sort of. Gravity is supposed to make the semen flow all the way to up to the cervix to meet the egg if you lift your legs after having sex. Unfortunately, according to What To Expect, there's no scientific data to support the theory that lifting legs up after sex will get you pregnant. Luckily, sperm usually finds a way to the cervix anyway.

Myth #3: Missionary Is The Only Position That Gets You Pregnant

Although there are certain perks of having sex in missionary, guaranteed pregnancy isn't one of them. According to the Fertility Centers of Illinois, there is no science to back up the theory that certain positions are better for conceiving than others. Deep penetration is key, so that semen makes it to the cervix, but other than than that, any position should do the job.

Myth #4: Having Sex Every Day Is A Must If You Want To Conceive

Sure, there are benefits to having sex everyday. But The New York Times highlighted a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, which found that having sex everyday doesn't increase your odds of conceiving that much. Really, you just need to have sex in within your fertile window. It's all about timing, guys.

Myth #5: Having Sex In The Morning Is The Only Way To Get Pregnant

According to the Fertility Centers of Illinois, sperm count is slightly higher in the morning, so it really doesn't matter what time of day you get it on. Remember, it only takes one sperm to reach the egg for fertilization to occur.

Myth #6: Drinking Cough Syrup Before You Have Sex Will Help You Get Pregnant

Reproductive endocrinologist Dr. Laurence A. Jacobs told The Bump that expectorant, which loosens and thins mucus in the lungs could also thin cervical mucous, making it (ostensibly) easier for the sperm to swim up to the egg. But drinking cough syrup to get pregnant is a myth, Jacobs said.

Myth #7: Having Sex Early In Your Cycle Will Get You Pregnant With A Boy

It's a myth that you can control the sex of your baby by timing intercourse, according to Baby Center, and the aforementioned study published in the New England Journal of Medicine also backed this claim.

Myth #8: Icing Your Man's Testes Before Sex Will Help His Sperm Count

According to Parents, sperm count tends to rise in cooler temperatures. But don't go moving to the North Pole just yet. It takes at least two months for a man's sperm count to be positively affected by cooler temperatures. So, rather than icing the boys, maybe just advise your man to refrain from spending too much time in the hot tub.

Myth #9: Having Sex While You're On Your Period Makes It Impossible To Get Pregnant

Although it is very unlikely that you will get pregnant on your period, there is a small chance that it can happen, noted another article in Parents. Just something to keep in mind when you're TTC. Any and all things are possible.