9 New Years Resolutions To You More Extroverted

Sometimes, it's pretty difficult to be "on" for a group. Especially when it's equally easy to just mind your own business, and avoid the particular social situation all together. Although there's nothing wrong with being an introvert, some people might want to ring in the new year with New Years resolutions to become more extroverted. If you think about it, it's a solid resolution to have; it signifies that you're ready to put yourself out there, and speak your mind a little more than you already do.

Extroverts are known for being outgoing. Simply put, they thrive in social situations, and often have trouble being alone. They're sociable, friendly, and the person you wish you could be more like at every party.

Of course, introverts have their charm as well. They often have a bunch of long-term friendships, are usually pretty responsible, and are fiercely independent. But, sometimes, it's nice to just shake the feeling of, "I wish I was at home watching Netflix" whenever a social situation arises. Since as an adult, you'll be facing a lot of social situations.

Making a resolution to "be an extrovert" is bound to fail. Really, you don't want to change who you are entirely — you just want to incorporate activities into your life that'll make you feel a bit more well-rounded. Here are a few good ones to help get you started.


Take A Trip With A Friend

Sometimes it takes another person to push you out of your comfort zone a little bit. If you love traveling, maybe make a point to take a short trip with a friend who loves to sightsee and thrives in the nightlife. Obviously you'll want to use your best judgment, but by taking little risks throughout your vacation, you'll be able to open up and see the world in a brand new light.


Start A Blog


Yes, blogging is still in, and there are still a bunch of ways to have a free webspace for your feelings. Not only will blogging help tap into your creative side, but it'll help you reveal yourself a bit more on your own terms. Tell the world what you're made of, and you're bound to get a few dedicated followers.


Make Yourself More Available To Friends

As an introvert, you're an amazing friend. But you'd rather console your sad buddy through G-chat or texting rather than face-to-face. Make a resolution to change that a bit. Next time you're looking for some girl talk, pick a fun cafe to visit and meet your friend there. Really, the experience will truly rejuvenate you.


Shop More In Stores, And Less Online

This is torture, right? Granted, sometimes you just find more cool stuff you like online. But by going to window shop, the way you had to back in middle school, you're getting out of the house and seeing your future purchase way before committing to it. Plus, there's nothing like a good indoor mall walk during the winter months.


Reach Out To At Least One Person A Week

You figure that your acquaintances probably keep you up-to-date with Facebook updates, and you're probably right. But, that doesn't mean you should be afraid to try and reconnect with a long lost friend who you haven't had a decent conversation with in some time. Doing this just widens your social circle a bit more, and rekindles a lot of connections that you likely don't want to drop.


Join A Gym


This one isn't for the weight loss — if that happens, it's just a bonus. Instead, it's a way to get out there, get moving, and perhaps meet new people. Exercising in front of others can often be tough, but it's something that everyone (especially an extrovert-in-training) should master.


Attend A Family Reunion

Monkey Business/Fotolia

Your family is bound to have something planned to reunite the group in 2017. And usually, you dread these types of events — or, dodge them entirely. This year, you should make sure to attend with your head held high. Prepare answers to those awkward questions, so you don't spend all day fearing the moment your childless existence will be questioned by Aunt Edith. Have a quirky response ready for your "bad news," and learn how to switch to a new topic flawlessly. These exercises, while they sound painful, will totally improve your communication to extrovert-level.


Refuse To Cancel Plans

As John Mulaney once said in a stand-up special, cancelling plans has a way of bringing you instant joy. If you identify as being an introvert, even more so. Maybe you agreed to go to a friend's baby shower three months ago, but now it's just cold and you really don't want to drive over there to participate in the stereotypical games.

An extrovert always shows up to plans, and in all honesty, they gain a lot of respect for doing so. Not only is it polite, but it'll really help you enjoy life just a little bit more.


Speak Up More At Work Meetings


Usually when there's a big department meeting, you try to hide somewhere in the back. You take notes, you doodle, and you stay quiet — even if you actually have a question that needs answering. This upcoming year, vow to never be afraid to speak your mind at work, and find the clarity you need regarding certain projects. Asking questions doesn't make you look incompetent, nor does it make you look like a chatterbox.