9 Old-School Nickelodeon Halloween Costumes For The Nostalgic '90s Kid

Halloween is approaching and what better time than now to embrace your inner '90s child? Although today's youths will have no idea who you're dressed up as, choosing an old school Nickelodeon Halloween costume for your Oct. 31 get-up is maybe the best choice you could possibly make.

Aside from the fact that these characters were more than likely iconic parts of your childhood, they make downright hilarious costumes. Don't get me wrong, these costumes aren't for the faint of heart (refer to Tommy Pickles below), but they're sure to win you best costume of the night. They're not your run of the mill "sexy cat" or "Wonder Woman" suits, but they're sure to bring back enough nostalgia to last till next Halloween.

These costumes are great for any age or gender, and the older you are the more hilarious it is (again, refer to the Tommy Pickles costume). Whether you grew up in the '90s or just want a unique costume that will earn you your fair share of laughs and new best friends, these Nickelodeon costumes will hit the nail on the head every time. Whether you're a Rugrats fan or Hey Arnold was more your jam, there's a costume for every kind of Nickelodeon expert.


Tommy Pickles From "Rugrats"

Adult Diaper, $19, Amazon | Blue T-Shirt, $5, Discount Mugs

If you're feeling a little bit gutsy this Halloween, dress up as the '90s favorite baby, Tommy Pickles. All you need is an adult diaper and a blue t-shirt.


Mermaid Man From "Sponge Bob Square Pants"

Orange Long Sleeved Shirt, $12, Walmart | Purple Leggings, $12, Walmart | Green Rubber Gloves, $13, Amazon | Seashell Bra, $6, Amazon

One of the more hilarious Nickeldeon costumes is the elderly costumed crusader Mermaid Man from SpongeBob SquarePants. Although he's technically an old man, anyone of any age or gender can pull off the colorful look. Grab an orange long sleeved shirt, a pair of purple leggings, some green long rubber gloves, and a seashell bra.


Debbie Thornberry from "The Wild Thornberrys"

Green Oversized Flannel, $25, Target | Orange Crop Top, $11, ASOS | Baggy Denim Shorts, $23, Forever 21 | Crazy Blonde Wig, $10, eBay

Debbie Thornberry was Eliza's older, moody, teenage sister from The Wild Thornberrys. To get her '90s grunge look. you'll need a green oversized flannel, an orange crop top, baggy denim shorts, and a crazy blonde wig.


4.Ginger From "As Told By Ginger"

Orange Sweater, $30, Walmart | Overalls, $23, JC Penny | Red Wig, $23, Walmart | Barrettes, $8, Amazon

Everyone's favorite ginger, Ginger, from As Told by Ginger has an adorably '70s look that can be pulled off with an orange sweater, a pair of overalls, a red wig, and a few classic barrettes.


Reggie Rocket From "Rocket Power"

Baggy Camo Pants, $17, Romwe | Purple Tee, $3, Wordans | Purple Wig, $22, Amazon | Helmut, $16, Amazon | Skateboard, $36, Amazon

There's no cooler '90s character than Reggie Rocket from Rocket Power. Her skater girl look can be recreated with a pair of baggy camo pants, a purple tee (with a rocket decal ironed on), a purple wig, a helmet, and a skateboard.


Angelica Pickles From "Rugrats"

Angelica Pickles Costume, $25, Target

Although the costume would be fairly simple to DIY, why not buy a pre-made Angelica Pickles costume and dress up as the Rugrats character everyone loved to hate.


Helga From "Hey Arnold"

Pink Dress, $10, Full Source | White Tee, $10, H&M | Blonde Wig, $23, eBay | Pink Bow, $3, Etsy

Another classic Nickelodeon character, Helga from Hey Arnold had an attitude that wasn't tamed by her all-pink outfit. Grab a pink tank dress , a white tee, put your hair into high pigtails or buy a wig and top it off with a pink bow.


Wanda From "The Fairly Odd Parents"

Yellow Tee, $8, Old Navy | Black Pants, $13, H&M | Pink Wig, $10, Amazon

To dress as the rational fairy of the pair from Fairly Odd Parents you'll need a yellow tee, a pair of black pants, a pink wig, and of course, a magic wand and crown to top it all off.


Doug From "Doug"

Green Sweater Vest, $38, Lands End | White Tee, $4, H&M | Khaki Pants, $35, Iuly | Quailman Sweater Vest Costume, $50, Walmart

Doug was the teen that everyone could relate too. Dress up as the lovable character with a green sweater vest, a white tee, and a pair of unfortunately baggy khaki pants. You could also dress up as Quailman, Doug's heroic alter-ego.

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