9 Old Wives' Tales About Sex You Should Actually Share With Your Kids

Before you could instantly fact-check any claim, you generally trusted the advice from your elders. Although some of this advice was rooted in fact, many of the stories your parents shared turned out to be untrue old wives' tales. Now that you have children of your own, you want to make sure what you teach can't be debunked in 25 keystrokes, especially when the lesson comes to sex. But, are all of the tales your parents told you about doing the deed false? Surprisingly, there still are a few sage pieces of sex advice that may sound like some of Grandma's old wives' tales, but are actually true, and should be passed down to the next generation.

Old wives' tales help to explain what was once inexplicable, and often included superstition or lore meant to scare children into complying with their parents' wishes. Children would think twice before whistling after midnight, lest they get kidnapped by ghost, when in reality their parents simply wanted them to stay quiet and fall asleep. Old wives tales about sex tend to have the same fear factor – teach your child about sex, but scare them away from doing it too soon.

Here are some old wives' tales you can share with your kids during the big S-E-X talk, because they actually turned out to be true.

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You Can Get Pregnant Even Before Your First Period

Pregnancy is related to ovulation. Because it's possible to ovulate before your first menstrual cycle, Kid's Health noted that it is also possible to become pregnant if you have sex before your first period.


You Probably Won't Enjoy Having Sex Right Away

Of course, this depends on the person, but a 2010 research study indicates that one in three women experienced no physiological satisfaction during their first sexual intercourse. Less than 40 percent of those same women studied experienced considerable or extreme psychological satisfaction during the act of losing their virginity. It takes time to get to know your body, to learn your likes and dislikes, and having good communication with your partner is key. This is something that comes with time and experience.


You Can Lose Your "Virginity" Without Having Sex

Technically, you can't lose your actual virginity without having sex, but according to the University of California, Santa Barbara you can break your hymen without sexual intercourse. An intact hymen was a sign of virginity in your grandparents' day. But today, depending on your body, activities such as horseback riding, gymnastics, and even putting in a tampon can stretch or tear your hymen.


You Can Get An STD Without Having Sex

According to Kid's Health, herpes can spread through kissing, and if you have open cuts in your mouth, it is also possible to spread HIV during deep kissing. And, as the American Cancer Society noted, HPV can be spread by any skin-to-skin contact with an area of the body infected with HPV.


You Can Get Pregnant While Using Birth Control

Being safe isn't always enough to prevent pregnancy. The experts at Columbia University state that condoms can fail anywhere from five to 21 percent of the time depending on how correctly the user follows the packaged instructions. Although the birth control pill is considered 99 percent effective when used correctly, Planned Parenthood warns that there are medications and illnesses that can cause the birth control pill to fail. Fans of Molly Ringwald may still be traumatized by Darcy's unplanned pregnancy while taking the pill in the film For Keeps?


You Can Get Your "Period" And Still Be Pregnant

It isn't technically menstruation, but according to the American Pregnancy Association, many women experience spotting during pregnancy that can mimic a light period. In fact, a recent article by Bustle states that women with irregular periods, or other health factors may not realize they are pregnant for months.


Tight Underwear Can Decrease Sperm Count

Hot tubs, saunas, and tighty whiteys all cause the testes to overheat which can lower sperm count, according to WebMD. Because the body takes 10 to 11 weeks to produce sperm, getting into the habit of wearing boxers and avoiding other sperm reducing activities is a good idea.


Tight Jeans Cause Yeast Infections

WebMD warns that wearing tight pants can cause yeast infections. Heat can cause an imbalance of healthy bacteria in the vagina. They are not STDs, however, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services notes that yeast infections can be spread during sexual activity.


Grandparents Still Have Sex

If you ever wondered whether your grandparents were still getting it on their 50s, 60s and 70s, the answer, most likely, is "yes!" It can seem like young adults have more sex, and as soon as you hit middle age they are filling their prescriptions for the little blue pill. But the truth is, the older you get the more your confidence grows. You get to know your body better which ultimately leads to better, more satisfying sex, even if it isn't quite as often.