9 Onesie Halloween Costumes You Can Buy Or Make, Because Your Baby Legit Doesn't Care

Whether you're the "go all out" type of mom or the mom that prefers to keep it simple, you can't deny the appeal of Halloween costumes that are made up of essentially one piece. When it's your baby's first Halloween, you may have time to make an elaborate costume from scratch, but why put in extra effort when you can go with some onesie Halloween costumes that you can buy or make? Your baby isn't likely to remember the hours you spent laboring over their first Halloween costume, so if you can create or buy something just as cute, you shouldn't feel guilty about taking the simpler route.

These costumes are exactly what they sound like — Halloween costumes made out of nothing more than your baby's most essential article of clothing. Some require a bit more effort (like minimal stitching, or finding a certain color), but others can be thrown together in a matter of minutes using pieces you more than likely have sitting around your house.

Whether you're hoping for a classic Halloween character for your baby's first night of trick-or-treating or you want a costume with personality and pizzazz, you don't necessarily have to spend the entire month crafting a perfect costume for your baby. With these costume ideas, all you really need is a simple onesie.


Mickey Mouse

A classic and simple choice for baby's first Halloween is to dress them as Mickey or Minnie Mouse. Luckily, Mickey onesies ($32, Amazon) are fairly easy to find, making it a one-stop-shop costume idea.



Classic and always adorable, there's nothing cuter than a baby dressed as Winnie-the-Pooh. All you need is a long sleeved yellow onesie ($12, Etsy), a red baby t-shirt ($2, Direct Apparel Warehouse), and the optional Pooh ears ($10, Halloween Costumes) and pot of honey.


Where's Waldo? Baby

Dress up as an entire family of Waldos with this idea from Lovely Indeed, or let your baby fly solo. Whatever you choose, achieving this look is simple. You need a red and white striped baby onesie ($4, Amazon) and a red beanie ($7, Etsy). If it's chilly, you can add your favorite pair of pants for extra warmth.


Hippie Baby Costume

For free spirited babies, a hippie costume will be easy and slightly hilarious. You can buy a white onesie and tie-dye it yourself, or buy a new tie-dyed onesie ($10, Etsy), add some leggings ($8, Old Navy) for warmth, a headband ($6, Target), some circle glasses ($4, OshKosh B'Gosh), and a pair of boots ($9, Old Navy).


Cow Onesie

The black and white cow suit is a classic for baby costumes. Luckily, you can buy a cow onesie ($15, Baby N' Toddler) almost anywhere and you're all set.


Baby Cactus Costume

This insanely sweet DIY cactus costume from Studio DIY is as simple as it is cute. All you need is a green onesie ($23, Etsy) and some white yarn to stitch into the suit.


For Twins: Thing 1 & Thing 2

If you've got more than one baby to dress up this Halloween, keep it easy with a classic Thing 1 and Thing 2 onesie ($15, Etsy) from Dr. Suess' Cat in the Hat. Blue wigs are, of course, optional.


Mouse Costume

Although this DIY costume from The House that Lars Built is intended for triplets (get it? The Three Blind Mice?) it works really well for one baby as well. All you need is a grey onesie ($13, Old Navy) and the supplies to create the tail and ears as detailed in the tutorial.


Pineapple Costume

To turn your sweet baby into an equally sweet fruit for Halloween, follow the tutorial for a baby pineapple costume from Lines Across using a yellow onesie ($5, Walmart) as your base.


Baby Chef Costume

It's almost too simple. To dress your baby as a chef for Halloween, all you need is a white onesie ($10, Amazon) and a baby sized chef hat ($10, Etsy).

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